[Moxxi] Black Jack Chests - Working as Intended?

rolled the dice on a chest and got 21 - which apparently has been done by 0.97% of players. So if it’s so rare why did I get a crappy normal blue gun? You’d think the point of spending more to roll again would increase the risk/reward, but if a perfect score gets just a blue I’m wondering what the point of re-rolling at all is! :thinking:


That’s disturbing. I was wondering what RNG would do with a 21.


I had a legendary at 18, so it’s still based on RNG.

Looks like it’s based on world drop RNG rather than a scaled RNG like the dice chests in TTAoDK.

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yeah, but what is the point of paying to play further when a higher score doesn’t affect the payout? Rolling runs the risk of exceeding 21 and therefore not getting anything at all, but if you don’t "win’ anything extra then you may as well just accept whatever the chest throws at you on the first roll. Seems a strange mechanic


This actually makes me think this isn’t the intended behavior. It’s not like the chest doesn’t otherwise work so submitting a ticket along the lines of, “this seems likt it isn’t working as intended” probably won’t go far. A dedicated thread seems like it’d put this on their radar better?

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@VaultHunter101 Your thoughts? It’s makes sense and maybe someone in the know will comment and clarify.

Seems reasonable to split this out on it’s own, yes.

Yeah, no scaling in this. Got a black jack in the Compactor VIP area and got a blue shotgun.

It’s just weird. So basically you get RNG twice - once for the roll of the dice and once again when the chest opens. You’d think the second would be tied to the first but it seems completely independent, which doesn’t really make sense

Yup, no correlation, hit & then opened the chest on 15 had legendary Ruby launcher

My thoughts are that higher results have a better chance at loot or raise a minimum rarity. I don’t recall a 20 or double 20 result on the dice chests in the Tina DLC in BL2 having a guaranteed legendary.

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I was sure a double 20 was legendary material (like you spent the Eridium for the double roll and both came up 20). It opened with some fireworks and what not.

Man, this is the longest I haven’t been in BL2 since it came out seven years ago… it’s so weird to be forgetting little things about it. :grimacing:

It’s BL3 and GBX, so totally normal behavior.