Moxxi DLC causing crashing

hi, ive seen the same issue pop up on the ps4 side of this but figured i would post that its happening on the xbox aswell, basically i get to the rescue stranger part of the dlc, go in and kill a few loaders and the game freezes and crashes, tried restarting the console (full power down) just wondering if anyone else is having this issue on xbox one and if anyone has found a way to fix it that i havent heard of yet, thx

I’ve seen the issue mentioned for both PS4 and XB1. First thing would be to check that the download actually completed; you may want to try a reinstall. Otherwise you can contact either MS or GBX support for further assistance. Link to the support desk is in the sticky at the top of this section.

il try uninstalling the dlc and reinstalling it, will update if this fixes the crash

edit: nope guess i gotta open a ticket or whatever.