Moxxi dlc crashing

I’ve gotten about 10 minutes into the DLC and my game keeps crashing back to dashboard on ps4, I’ve tried reloading several times and even reinstalled,this was all after trying to subvert a paywall although I own the season pass, is anyone else encountering this incredibly frustrating issue?

I’ve got the same problem on Xbox one…
can you fix it ASAP please ?

same issue on xbox one, hoping they fix it soon.

My game has crashed every time I go down the stairs to do the rescue mission. I have reinstalled BL3 and the crash still exists after reinstalling. Hope to have a fix soon.


Same thing is happening to

If you’re experiencing a crash at the exact same location, please submit a support ticket and provide as much additional info as you can.

Mine was different locations, I havent had an issue with it so far today.

As soon as I go down the stairs and error message appears and game turns off. Is this a known issue and if so, what is being done to address it. This is beginning to get taxing.

See a couple of posts up - looks like you aren’t the only person having an issue at the stairs. Please file a bug report via the support web site linked above.

I sent a ticket in and as soon as I did I made
It through. I just shut the game completely off and back on.

So I was having this issue as well. Was playing no problem before i installed the moxxi dlc. Installed and it force quit the game at sign in. Uninstalled the dlc and it started up again no problem