Moxxi DLC Disappeared

I’ve had Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot (Super Deluxe Edition) and played for SEVERAL months, even played it and farmed up a few Seeing Dead class mod about 3 days ago. I logged in today and all Handsome Jackpot fast travels are gone on all of my characters. I have DLC items but can no longer use them, which I’ve seen happen to friends that came over to play and returned to their own XBOX afterward. I pre-ordered the $99 Borderland 3 Super Deluxe Edition, so I should have everything. I even have the starting mission on Zane and have completed the “V.I.Pay” extra on the first mission before I went to farm the class mod for him on Amara instead of beating the entire DLC again on him, at that moment.

The DLC shows installed on my XBOX and I feel like the Borderlands 3 tile was previously the “gold” version, specific to the super deluxe edition but its blue now? I cant remember if that was a thing or not, honestly. Maybe I’m confusing it for the tile colors in the store!

Please assist, I have no idea what has happened and several of my builds are jacked until this gets fixed. I see, currently, no XBOX service issues. But I guess it did go down a couple times this past week or so?


Both my DLC disappeared today as well.

I just logged on to play Borderlands 3 and I’m having the same exact issue. I played and beat Moxxi’s Heist when it first came out. Now the fast travels have disappeared and I cannot use the guns attached to that DLC. It’s still showing as installed on my console Help!! Did anyone find a solution to this??

First try a power reset - sometimes things get messed up a bit, especially if you’re save-quit-restarting a lot. If that doesn’t do the trick, double-check that the store connection is OK (should be pretty obvious) and check what the status of the DLC items is showing there for you.

I have the same issue (with all DLCs). Yesterday I got Xbox series x, first of all install borderlands 3, and can’t play any DLC content. DLCs are installed, in store they are marked as “owned”, but in the game I got message “you should buy DLC in store first” =/

Apparently the new skins are causing an issue in series x so uninstall them and DLC should work!