Moxxi dlc not playable

Hi, Why can’t I still not play the new moxxi dlc? I bought the special ultimate edition with the season pass and still it says that I need to purchase it when I click on the flyer. This is really complete BS!! Why is there always something wrong with this game?!

Download the content through the PS Store.

What @ArmoredElder said: the season pass should now be a ~6 GB download, which contains the DLC. Once you’ve got that installed, the poster should just initiate the mission.

Note that if you click through to the store page from the poster it basically takes you to the download page after quitting the game.

If I go to the store it only shows me the already bought content without any download option.

Is there an udpate queue somewhere on the PS4? You might need to trigger the download through there.

nope, only got the system update yesterday and that’s it.

Ok, I finally got it when i searched for moxxi in the store instead of seasonpass. Thanks!