Moxxi DLC not supported on Mac - any plans to do so?

It’s a bit annoying that I cannot play the DLC on a Mac.
Did I miss some announcement that says if/when it will be released for Mac, too?

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Same problem. Submitted support ticket. Deafening silence.

I was eager to play after coming back from holidays, and so very disappointed after I bought the addon - I overlooked the missing Mac logo - that I could not get it to work; the menu where you can read that the OS is unsupported is also somewhat hard to find.

I got a refund from Epic, but they also did not have any information as of three days ago.

Please, Gearbox, be more open with your communication. If it will take some time to be finished for Mac, at least tell your community so. It is very frustrating to have to wait, but even more so to feel completely neglected.

Also, as a Zane player, I am especially frustrated since this DLC seems to provide a class mod that apparently fixes many issues with Zane.

Come on Gearbox give us the DLC too . . .
How hard can it be?
I have a save file from a Windows player that runs fine so . . .
Stupid thing is that I cannot use the DLC weapons he already had in his backpack . . .

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Moxxi DLC works for me after the Jan 16th update.

Can confirm, I was able to download, install, start, finish, and enjoy the DLC on Mac.
Even though the Epic Store still does not list the platform, it now works.

Why don’t they announce that like they normally do with releases?

Thanks for the notification guys!!!

MOXXI here I come!!! :metal: :star_struck: :metal: