Moxxi DLC, when to start


I’ve recently bought the game with the Moxxi DLC included. Some short review I read said it would scale to my level, so I was planning on finishing the main and side quest before starting it.

So here I am, following the main quests, reaching Sanctuary at level 10, seeing an exclamation point on the wall, and taking the mission. It happens to be the one that is starting the DLC, but it is level 13. So will the opposition there be levels 13-20 or so, which means that I’ve just ruined the DLC for me? Or will it scale to the level I’ll be when I reach the mission area?


IDK, but finish the main story first then you get access to Mayhem Mode. At Mayhem everything is scaled to your level so you’ll be able to finish all remaining side missions or DLC without being overleveled.

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I’ve so far only done the DLC with one non-max level character. I think I was about level 30 when I started and level 40 by the time I’d finished the DLC story (with some time spent in the main game in between). The DLC did scale to me as I went back and forth with the main game, so I got levelled loot throughout. Scaling in the main game in NVHM before completing the main story, however, is a bit wonky; you’ll need to make sure you don’t get badly over-levelled there.

You’d probably be ok if you alternated between the two and avoided side quests in both. I suspect that the initial DLC zone might be level locked for now, though? I generally ran to the point where I needed to travel to a new map, then went back to Sanctuary for main game.

The DLC will scale to your level.

i think thats the min level but after that it’ll scale. Ive only done it with max VHs so idk for sure but if its anything like bl2 bl1 or bltps theres a min level before it scales

DO THE STORY FIRST. you will be to high lvl for the main story if u do the dlc first anytime before the main story.


On the same subject, I have decided to skip side quests until the second playthrough, and am getting close the end of the main story. I suppose I’ll be finishing it around level 40. What should I do then, for the best loot, start with TVHM then hit the DLC once I get to 50, or the other way around? I don’t want too many spoilers, but if the DLC has fun gear rewards like the Terminal Sellout handgun, that I’ve been using almost exclusively since I got it, I’d rather postpone it until I’m 50.

There are indeed some awesome things in the DLC, although a number of those can be obtained by farming once the story is complete. I would suggest a combination of the three slaughters and six (?) proving grounds to level up - the latter only become available once you’ve completed the main story anyway, along with the Maliwan Takedown raid. If you need faster levelling, try turning on Mayhem mode for a bit. That will also earn you cash if you still need to max out your SDUs.

There are some quest rewards on the main quest that are good.

Rico – Shield, quest reward from final boss – 50% chance to reflect shots while shielded, 80% while not shielded

Also, there are two crew challenge legendary items that you might want to be max lvl for. Those you could avoid by simply not completing all the crew challenges, though.

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I started the DLC at around 43 and was maxed by the end, of course we’ve got 3 more levels now so maybe 46. By the time I got all the cool gear/quest rewards they were at max level.

Agreed. @Neofit - those crew challenges are unique to the DLC, but they’re marked on the map the same way as the main game crew challenges. I think there’s around 5 targets in each of them?

I did it once at lvl 27 to be a little buffed before the Agonizer boss.
And boy was I buffed. Buffed so much that, as one of the replies said, the rest of the game was trivially easy.
So play Story mode first, then DLC, unless of course you just want to blitz through Story.

Silly me, I didn’t even consider that there may be activites after the end of the story and the DLC or TVHM :).

Hey all. I had a strange issue happen where I got an error when I was level 15 and working through the main story… booted back into the game and my character was gone (auto savi g had been on im pretty sure and in fact I’d logged out and back in earlier that day). So I decided tk jump into Moxxis DLC for the level 13 jump and just tk try starting out in that quest line. Will I still be able to go back and go through the main story I had started?

You’ll certainly be able to go back and do the side quests and challenges. I think the main story missions to the point of reaching Sanctuary will all be marked off as completed though - you should be able to see them in your echo device’s mission log (first tab). You should be able to just keep going from there with the main story.