Moxxi Heist Bug?

I’m on the part of main quest to pick up Ember’s welcome gift but there is no quest icon anywhere so i have no clue how to continue the dlc, anyone else get this?

Other People have problems with season pas on ps4

ok but thats not what hes talking about

I have season pass on PC

Did you head to waypoint and only find a hedge? If so, the item is on the other side/above. You’re going to have to go around.

I talked to the bot in the window and now i have no more waypoints, i ran all around the whole area but can’t find anything, also have reload the game a couple times and still nothing

I guess it’s bugged then.

i actually finally found it, but that is really hard to find without the quest marker

I was able to find it, was glitched for me too. Here’s a screen shot to help you guys find it if needed.

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