Moxxi heist dlc keeps resting ( PC Version )

Not sure if anyone has the same issue ass, what I do . Every time I log out of the game after playing the Moxxi Heist dlc it keeps resetting all progress back to the start ( right now I got up to scraptrap boss) 3 times now and everytime I log out and back in all my fast travels are not active or and have to go back to the ship go to rdm planet then back to the handsome jackpot just to start the dlc again… and makes me play thru it all after I have done it…

Also it still saves all items and Guardian ranks that I get. I it just wont save progress for Moxxi Heist only… Also sent in a support ticket but still no response. if anyone can help, it be much help thanks

Also as you can see my only fast travel is grand opening when I way past that , in the compactor area. and no fast travels