Moxxi’s heist DLC not included in the Season pass

Why can’t i download the Moxxi’s heist DLC for free on ps4? I only have the option to buy it. But i have the super deluxe edition and it should be free! Restarted the ps4 and even updated it, still not included in my season pass… Why is there always problems with this game?


Yeah, it’s annoying, there’s always something with this game


makes me glad I just bought the base game, and no season pass. Can just buy them each separate as I choose. And be out of pocket about 10$ extra if I bought all 4. Which I may not even be playing come the 2-4th DLC’s.


It is on the season pass, it just hasn’t dropped for everyone yet.

its on the store to buy and has been for the last half hour bud.

have dropped in and out of the game numerous times and even restarted my ps4 but alas to no avail.


Really? Honestly I haven’t checked yet. If that is the case, then I’ll be surprised.

I’m just skeptical because I remember the Halloween update taking longer than the release time to drop for me. Like a few hours longer.

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The download and roll out, I think, are two different things, and we have to wait.


Yeah it is released, but i have to buy it to play it when i alredy have the season pass. So it’s no point having season pass if u still need to buy it. This is the only game that have these issues, it’s like borderlands is doing this on purpose to make people buy it 2 times.

its a bug, epic and xbox already have the update automatically


Gearbox is looking into it and apparently will have an update to the issue


I‘m really pissed… I was looking forward for the dlc but nahhhhh… the problems with this game are way too much…

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Looks like there’s an issue, which GBX is aware of and is working on. If you need to post, please do so here: