Moxxi Side Missions Post Completion

Hi all, I’ve just finished the main story on Tvhm, which I went through without completing any side quests. I am now going back to the kill killavolt side quest and have noticed that the exclamation point for it shows up on the sanctuary map, but when I travel to sanctuary, there’s no mission starter with moxxi, long and short is now I cannot get into lectra city. Any ideas? Thanks.

There’s a notice board in Meridian Metroplex that starts that mission I believe.

There is, just below the Typhon dead drop cache. I think Lorelei sends you there on the coffee mission?

Yes, getting a coffee mug or some such. I just remembered stumbling on to it just before taking on a heavy.

Yeah, that’s the one. Don’t remember the exact details, but funnily enough then I’m on a new playthrough and have just reached that area so can (hopefully) provide further details in a day or so.

I’ve found it, thanks so much for the help you legends

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