Moxxi Weapon Tipping Glitch

Hey guys.

I played Borderlands 1 and 2 on PS3 for hundreds of hours, BL2 on PC for literally thousands of hours.

I have been very lucky as i’ve never ran into any serious glitches. Until now.

I have started playing BL2 from the Handsome Collection on PS4. I’m only at level 23 on my 1st playthrough. I decided it was time to try to get the Good Touch and Bad Touch from Moxxi.

I have tipped her thousands of dollars and at least twice she has given dialogue related to giving me a weapon without actually giving me any weapon. There was no animation of her pulling out the weapon, just the dialogue. Last time she said something to the effect of “Here, its not my favourite gun…”

Is there any way around this glitch? Any way to rectify it? If not, does anyone have any spare, level appropriate versions of these weapons they could give me?


EDIT: I don’t have much at the moment as i am still on my first playthrough but i will give something in return.