Moxxi wepon in bl tps

Hi. I was just wondering aboute moxxi wepons. I know that they heal bot i dont know the % on the wepons in tps. I’ve looked at it but didn’t find anything out so kan someone tell me the % on the moxxi wepons in the pre sequel?

You didn’t look very hard, a very quick google yielded this link to these very forums.

Indeed this reply to that same thread suggests the percentage range.

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But whats the the list. I know all this but what heals the most?

Of all two legitimately available Moxxi weapons in TPS, Probe have the highest (5%) lifesteal. Hail - 2%.

2 cents - yea, Hail have lower healing %, but as a gun it’s much, much better than Probe.

What about the VibraPulse and Kiss of Death - what are their %heal?

Thanks for the help guys

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I might be mistaken (I didn’t play TPS back then) but I think I remember hearing that at the games launch the Probe was actually healing you as much as Grog in BL2 does :smiley:

It did but got patched