Moxxi's Crit and Bottomless Mags

I was tipping Moxxi for the heck of it and got a Binary Crit with big mag and the anoint of On Exit Iron Bear gain 125% incendiary damage for the next two mags…

Got me thinking…

Biggest problem on Moze is health sustain
Crit is a Moxxi
With splash
And the Bottomless Mags Tree could likely enable hold down the trigger and blast away…and NEVER use up that juicy anoint

While totally offsetting the big problem of the Crit that it can drop on reloading…

Whelp…in this setup…You are never reloading…

Anyone tried this combo??

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Seems like it’s worth investigating. Didn’t realise crit was splash.

Maliwan…shock…I mean it should have Splash I would think.

But I have been wrong about so much in this game…lol

Not all Maliwan is splash.

I don’t believe it is splash, but may be wrong. Away from computer so cannot test… Hopefully there is some kind, adventurous soul out there willing to shoot at their feet for a couple seconds.

A long time ago I made this build [BUILD]- Terminator Moze- Infinite ammo / SOR build

It mained Lyudas but also subbed in Crit’s. The Crit is not splash.


OK, thanks, darn it! It will limit the overall effectiveness on Mose unfortunately but perhaps it could be offset with a Green Monster and Flesh Melter Deathless…and go for perks in SoR

With the right perks on Mods and Artifact.

I realize I’m kind of clutching at straws’s as splash would have been a clincher on Mose I do believe.

I did co-op with a Moze last night who was using a green monster and was absolutely wrecking in M4 takedown

It absolutely surprised me how effective he was.

I started to chat with him to get the specifics of his build but the damn server dropped us before I had a chance.

Mind Sweeper and Short Fuse could make it into a sort of splash weapon. It’s all based on proc chance but Short Fuse procs pretty well and Mindsweeper ofc you have to hit crits for, personally not a fan of that COM but some people like it.

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When I went to the range with the crit I was using Blast Master with 5/5 in scorching RPMs and 5/5 in stainless steel Bear…and short fuse seemed to be proccing A LOT…much more than normal.

Because of SRPM’s and SSBear perhaps?

Short Fuse just procs a lot, it’s a pretty reliable skill. Stainless Steel Bear and Scorching RPMS(Iron Bear portion) both boost the damage of Short Fuse.

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So…philosophical question…

Does the 11 points I am currently putting in Armored Inf, DiB and EM prove more valuable than additional points to get to Short fuse

Assuming Blast Master com and SRPM and SS Bear fully specced.

Realize there are a ton of variables…

General best guess is what I am looking for…

Yeah really depends on the build I guess. The damage you get is going to be pretty comparable either way. I prefer Short Fuse builds myself as I really like the extra splash chances for MOD.

The thing I notice a lot is Drowning in Brass…

3 quick kills and it’s a 60% Gun Damage bonus to you…

And your teamates for a total duration of 15 Seconds!

And when I glance down at the little indicator…It ALWAYS seems to be on and at 2x or 3x.

I will do a totally unscientific test and see how the difference “feels” between using that 11 points elswhere…down to Short fuse and more in the BM tree…or keeping them in SoR.

Short fuse is 90% and procs 20% of the time, DiB requires kills. The first option is better for Boss encounters with few adds. The second option is potentially better for mobbing as long as you kill quickly enough to maintain stacks. For M4, I prefer a build that isn’t reliant on kill skills.

Edit: typo

Is or is not reliant on Kill Skills??

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Isn’t. Edited. Have you tried the Torgue build I posted the other day?

Personally, I think a build with Kill Skills is probably better in the Takedown UNTIL you get to Wotan.

Sure wish there was a respec station right before Wotan.

Sorry…have not tried it out yet. Looks excellent…and waaay different from the constant trigger stuff I am doing now.

Try it and swap the com to a green monster. I think you’ll be surprised. Edit: The build works for near constant firing.

There can be plenty of adds to utilize in the Wotan fight. For example I make use of them to build overkill for ION builds, same can be done with kill skills.

Yeah but…

You be good…


Not so much :grinning: