Moxxi's Crit...Effective at all with a Zer0?....with ANY Character?

Gun has pretty high damage for a Moxxi SMG and the Critical hit super high…

But the slipping out of your hand while reloading?

Wiki says less than a 10% chance which means in a typical burst fight of 2…maybe 3 reloads…that chance is small.

What is you guys experience?

I mean Grit on a Commando specced to the higest has a 44% chance to activate but in real gameplay, it seems like an 80 % or better chance to activarte.

Similar with the Crit???

As soon as I found out that the thing falls out of your hand at random I lost interest in it real quick. The few times I actually used it (a magazine or two at the most) it always went flying out of my hands while hosing down a bunch of orcs or spiders.

Even with its high critical damage bonus I find it hard to justify using it when the Florentine exists.

If it didn’t fall out of a users hand I probably would’ve gotten it to work for the Mechro.

I am a fervent lover of the Crit. The slip chance is something you just work around : don’t reload in a location where you are going to lose it / have a back up gun equipped to swap to until you pick it up (kind of a given). It’s never bothered me.

The gun out-crits the Bitch ( which is not the same as out-DPS-ing it ). It’s ridiculously good on Maya - this is really her gun. Anarchy on Gaige makes it less good I guess - I haven’t played Gaige for so long…I’ve used it with Axton, but a shock Hail is better. Krieg has one, doesn’t use it ( not a crit-ing kinda guy ). Zero - been too long, but how can it not be good? I would think it would be a pain with Sal - slipping mid-Gunzerking would suck.

Yeah, the slip chance is, I find, pretty minimal. Face-tanking with it isn’t advised for this reason, but “regular” combat is fine (and I say that using it to clear out the Mineral Bullymong mob in the Infested Grotto).

It’s got some of the highest shock DoT of a gun in the game, is Moxxi-branded for healing, and has a high crit damage buff. Give it a spin, and see how often it actually slips out.

I find it rarely slips, but when it does you can just pick it back up, I double-tap reload whenever I reload from less that full, and tap reload even on an empty reload just in case, it’s easy enough to work around. Maya loves SMGs, and if you’re not running Life Tap then the Crit is an excellent replacement for a Tattler, or even just as a shield stripper and alternate Grog Nozzle. The life steal is small, but Maya’s DPS is high and helps to offset it. Great weapon, but character specific.

And this overrides the slipping?

So it only slips if the gun is reloading itrself as in the magazine finishes and it auto reloads?

If you invoke reload that prevents it??

I’d assume he is talking about console where “use” and reload" are the same button. So for PC you’d press reload > use to instantly pick it up if it slips.

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Ah ha… if that works on the console, I wonder if you could double-bind those controls manually on the PC?

Catching it out of midair is surprisingly difficult. It doesn’t broadcast its slippage, and doesn’t really arc up where you can catch it easily like a shield booster.

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No, it’s just to make sure if I drop it I pick it straight back immediately lol.

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My experience? Got an OP8 Consummate, thought “damn this thing looks nice”. Five minutes later, I was throwing it back in my vault. lol

The gimmick, rare as it might be, is so annoying to me that I’ve never even bothered testing this gun beyond shooting a couple of enemies with it a few years back on NVHM.

When I first found it with my commando I used it a lot. First playthrough, first character. he slip was so rare that when it happened it took me a few seconds to realize what happen. Later (Different level/character.) i did the son of Crawmax and on final boss it kept slipping… a real pain!
So from my experience I say it can be really good with minimal issues. But be ready for the worst and don’t count on it as you’re only go to gun in a hard situation.