Moxxi's Heist Main Story Broken after First Mission

I completed the first mission (activated the Holo-Structure) but am not getting the next mission from Timothy. There are no Main Missions showing up in the Log, and interestingly, when I restarted the game, a message came up that it couldn’t continue my mission and it dropped me in some random location. I’ve verified my install in the Epic Games menu, but no luck with proceeding.

Were you on-line or off-line at the time? Apparently, there’s an issue where the DLC won’t run if you are currently disconnected from the internet, and you get dropped back to a main game location.

I’ve been online the whole time. Tried spawning at entrance of level to see if I could retrigger something but still no luck.

See if you can get the “Talk” prompt to trigger on Timothy? The hit box for that is painfully small, but on a number of missions you have to interact to trigger the script to the next stage.

Tried that - just the usual scripted responses. Weird thing is that Moxxi is just standing at the table as well. Holo-Structor switch doesn’t trigger again either.

I’m in the same boat. Moxxi is standing at the table. I can talk to Timothy but it doesn’t trigger any story progression. There’s no missions in the log for the handsome jackpot either and you can’t restart the dlc without restarting the whole game.