Moxxi's Spark Plug is savage

I had this in my bank for a while and decided to try it out on Lv50 Moze. I haven’t even built for it, just tossed it on on a whim, and wow, it’s devastating on it’s own even though it’s only level 38.

You can keep buttslamming to produce many Shock Coils; enemies get totally fried, you don’t even need guns anymore!

This is on TVHM/MM1, I imagine it can be just as devastating on MM2 at least if I can juice up the damage somehow. Any ideas? How is the damage for it calculated?

Noticed this Spark Plug version of Moxxi’s Endowment isn’t listed in the wikipedia, git 'er done, somebody.

Welp, I went ahead and added it, I also just found a Loot Expanding version which wasn’t listed either.

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