Moxxi's Tip Guns

Ever since playing BL2 on the ps3, I’ve always been a fan of the good and bad touch. They are great guns. Every couple of levels or so, especially once I’m passed nvhm, I’ll get higher level versions of both. But for some reason when I’m playing it on ps4, Moxxi has only handed me the bad touch once, the very first time I got a gun from her. Literally not joking, I’ve gotten 40 good touches at least since then. I’ve tried giving her hundreds, tried thousands, tried tipping until she gave me the good touch again and tipped until she gave me another gun. Nothing seems to work. The hell is up with that? Used to be on the ps3 version, last time I played it anyway, if you got one, next time she gave you the other.

Moxxi always gives the Bad Touch the very first time she would give one of her guns. The rest are always Good Touches no matter what. This is on a once-per-character rule so getting a fresh character to join the game, giving that one cash to give some tips would eventually result in the Bad Touch on the hosts level.
Otherwise there’s no way to get more than one Bad Touch per character.

I am not fully convinced on the legitimacy of the wiki article on the Bad Touch but if true it might explain what you’ve had experienced previously. I never tried to get the Touches that many times so I don’t know if it’s really true.

Both really are incredible weapons though, I agree. The splash, healing and massively increased crit really make them very powerful.

That was never my experience with the ps3 version. I know they’ve made some changes since I last played it on my ps3 in late 2013, but this would seem like a very odd change to make.

They’ve never changed that though. It was always like that for as long as I remember and I started on Release Day almost 3 years ago on the 360. I also got it late 2013 on the PS3 and it was still like that.
Again, the wiki may have the answer for that and maybe I’ll see for myself what’s up with that.

Edit: I actually went back to vanilla on the 360 and she still only gave me Good Touches at level cap. I really can only say that maybe the wiki is right about this. I am still leveling a Krieg on the PS4 so I’ll experiment and see what’s up.

On 360, and I’ve only ever gotten Good Touches after the first Bad Touch for each character, regardless of play-through. Completing missions hasn’t made any difference for me in that regard, as I’ve taken multiple Good Touches on multiple characters.

I’ve always gotten both before. If I didn’t get it one time, I was pretty certain to get it the next time.

The Bad Touch is and was ever meant to be a one-time-only-deal. But you can overcome that problem by using a second controller to coop with any local profile of yours. A guest profile would suffice too.

Yeah, 1 Bad Touch per character, always been that way. Join your player with a lvl 1 player from your guest account (don’t log into psn), trade $17,000ish to the lvl 1, tip and Moxxi will give a Bad Touch at the host’s level.
Note that Moxxi is glitched and will not give the Good Touch if you keep tipping after getting BT, she’ll say her line but won’t cough up the gun. Just quit, restart and tip and she’ll give the Good Touch.