Moxxis Underdome on PC

In attempt of getting every achievement in the game, I am looking for someone to duo with to complete the 20 rounds in each arena in the underdome. I originally got to round 12 in one of them, setting the demi god to true in the willowgame file, but the amount of enemies and time it takes is ridiculous. and boring. So I switched back to play through 1, thinking the enemies would be around level 30 ish, but they scaled to my level 60 soldier. With that said, I am looking for someone, level does not matter, to duo with. If you have a high level character, then I will host the game with a lower level character in hopes that the enemies will be my level. If you have a low level character then you can host.
My original steam name is Jman7241, but I have changed it to GullibleCow.
No mic needed, just to get the job done.
Possibly get the other co-op achievements as well if you are up to it