Moxxtails Discussion Thread

One of the new elements introduced to the Borderlands universe with The Pre-Sequel is the presence of purchaseable temporary bonuses, given in the form of the Moxxtails. From what I’ve seen browsing the forums, people often don’t seem to take them into account and may even be forgetting about their existance. But let’s admit it, they do give a great use to Moonstones after you’ve purchased all the upgrades from Crazy Earl. After all, each lasts for quite a long time and are relatively cheap, since you can get very high amounts of Moonstone by just killing Iwajira or The Empyrean Sentinel (Raid and Non-Raid versions).

My questions for discussion here are: Do you use the Moxxtails? If yes, how often and which are your favorite? Why did Moxxi stop producing them after she got back to Pandora?

I personally like to use Moxxtails, but I must admit that it’s very often that I forget about them. But when I do use it, it’s most likely that I’m picking the Lemon Lime & Bullets (Ammo Regen) one, the Fanalian Toddy (Damage Reduction) or Brick’s Fist (+Melee Damage). As to why Moxxi stopped producing them, I think the most common answer will be that they’re made out of something only present on Elpis (Moonstones?), but is that reasonable? I don’t know!

Comment away!

I prefer either the damage reduction or weapon handling boost and will take advantage of it whenever I remember to stop by the bar for a cold one.

I only use them for the challenge that requires you to spend moonstones. I keep most of my moonstones for opening moonstone chests.

The weapon handling one is among my favorites. I typically go after the gun damage one, however, because of the versatility it offers. A flat damage boost to every gun is a pretty solid buff, if you ask me.

The others I’ll occasionally take if there’s a pretty niche situation that would be easier with them, but they’ve all got fairly limited uses as far as I’m concerned.

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Yeah, this is also a subject I’d like to touch but didn’t mention in the OP.

Moxxtails do represent a brand new mechanic that’s good without shortcomings, but what farsight said is enough to summarise what’s wrong with it at the moment. So how do you all think that it could be improved?

Make them cheaper. Maybe it’s my completionism talking but I like collecting all ammo SDUs (though I’ll make do without the pearlescent ones), and I haven’t even mentioned moonstone chests and the grinder. There are just better things to spend 10 moonstone on. Good gear and enough ammo lasts forever.
Maybe I should just use them more and I’ll be swayed.

If there was a Moxxtail vending machine in Eleseer I’d probably remember to use them before the Sentinel battle.

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I’ve got a couple (not very well fleshed out) ideas floating about in my head.

First of all, if they were team buffs, that would help a lot. You could coordinate with your partners to get all the buffs necessary for an encounter, and so with a full 4-player team, you could have 4 different buffs going at once. I dunno how it would work if you stacked at all (say, two players with the health regen buff), but even without overlap, it would bring a new element to encourage team play.

The other idea I have is to simply make them stronger. 0.8% health regen is a joke. If it was at a rate of, say, what a Panacea shield did in BL1, that’s a buff I would consider getting. Same with the ammo regen. It’s hardly noticeable. If it had a regen rate similar to the Tediore legendaries in BL1, or even to a high-end Hoarder COM from BL2, it would be something that Nishas everywhere would at least have to consider (it would be especially nice for Fan the Hammer builds that want to make use of Vladof weapons).

Like I said, these ideas aren’t fully thought out in terms of balance and whatnot, but they could at least be a jumping point for discussion.


Amazing ideas! I personally like the first one a lot, but maybe there could be separate Moxxtails that would be more expensive, but also more powerful and team buffs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that as they are right now, a same Moxxtail can’t be picked twice, even if by different players. Maybe that should be kept - only - for team buffs, since of course they should be high enough so that the whole team benefits a fair amount from it, given the expense.

And yes, making them stronger is the route to go with the next games. I’m a layman on many matters of programming, but I think there could be a system that takes into account the buffs that the player already has, and increases or decreases the intensity of the Moxxtail buff based on that, but also makes it stack with the pre-existing buff.

I’ve only been using them for that Steam achievement, but I often forget to purchase them and I haven’t been really keeping track of which ones I’ve used already. They are pretty solid bonuses though, I hope something similar is implemented in future Borderlands titles.

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They are unnecessary buffs for me. My co op partner and I look for ways to make TPS end game in UVHM more challenging, not less. That said, I’m definitely keeping them in mind for future raid encounters. They could come in handy, especially the ammo regen.

I just realized I have never bought a Moxxtail. I guess I have to try some now!

Melee buff for melee characters,
ammo regen for tediore throw characters,
gun damage for anything else.

In very long fights (Holodome, Raid Sentinel) with characters than mainly use one type of ammo, an ammo regen Moxxitail might make more sense than a gun damage one.

Definitely this.

I did the holodome with derch and abvex the other night and at the end of wave 6 I was the only one left and my Athena was running dry. All the ammo crates were open and I was running around collecting as many dropped weapons as I could to fill my ammo reserves. I really, REALLY could have used that ammo regen Moxxtail because the panic that set in when my assault ammo reached 50 was like… OOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

BTW For the cheevo, do I need to wait the entire duration for the moxxtails to wear off or can I just splurge and get them one after the other? There’s one I haven’t taken and it would just be easier to have a go at them in one swoop.

I got my PSN trophy by just walking down the line, buying one after the other, so I’m pretty sure you can just get them all at the same time. :sunny: (random sun emoticon)

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Awesome! Thank you. :ear:

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This is how I got the Steam achievement as well (I think I bought one or two prior to doing this, though, but that shouldn’t matter).

The Moxxtails never enter my mind. Moxxi does. Not the drinks. Must give it a go. The drinks. Not Moxxi.

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