Moxxxi Being Creative

No shooting elemental gun build! :open_mouth: :smiley::rofl:

I bet if he exits the game and reenters it will be different. He casts Ties that Bind and only has a 2 second cool down.

He did say he was abusing the cooldown bug…
But thats’s no biggies… enemy do die without a single shot being fired! ^^

And even scrub meself has about 8 seconds cooldown… and he got avatar so aint too bad! :wink:

I did this earlier after making my video about the issues with Nimbus. It’s okay for runs like this or for cistern of slaughter, but it’s still slower. When you are looking at a longer cool down, you are just sitting there using a crappy gun. And even using the gun it’s bad against three health bar enemies. Who are the currently the biggest challenge in the game.

He even has a proving ground run at the end and it takes way to long to kill level 49 basic enemies. He says it isn’t reliant on the high cool down but it is.