Moze 10 second IB hyper cooldown (Reproducible?)

Has anyone experienced this? I was testing cooldown times with Topped Off last night and the durations were as expected, but then when I traveled back and respecced at Sanctuary, my IB CD was around 8-12 seconds depending on exit, and I always had it back up before auto bear self destructed. I tested on Jack multiple times and had a consistent 10 second CD.

I don’t think mayhem modifiers are active in Sanctuary, but either way my gun damage was normal so I know the modifier affecting CD wasn’t in effect.

When I booted up the game today, CD was back to normal (25-35 seconds). I hadn’t changed any gear or skills, and I can’t seem to reproduce the hyper CD speeds. At first I thought it might be some unintended interaction with certain skills, but now I’m not so sure. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try it out against any enemies.

***I just tried switching my COM, respeccing into the same skills, and then switching back to the previous COM, and now IB CD is 14-20 seconds depending on time of exit (midway through end). Not as fast as before but still very low - something very strange is going on with her cooldown seemingly in conjunction with Topped Off.

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I mean there might be something you’re combining, but topped off isn’t working yet because guardian perks are busted.

Maybe something with your relics and stuff?

Topped Off is working for me since I unlocked the perk after the patch - any perks unlocked after the patch will work and this can easily be tested.

In addition to Topped Off I have around 10% CD from GR and a 20% CD on ASE annointment.

If it’s at the Target on firing range, they probably dropped the CD so you can test it. I think that’s what you’re talking about.

Are you online or offline with hotfixs? This was a bug that was supposed to have been fixed. But cooldown times are very messed up right now and only work properly after a restart if you’ve respecced at some point.

Online. This is the first time I’ve noticed irregular CD but maybe it’s just easier to notice with Topped Off since it’s much shorter. Any time I’ve tested cooldown before has been accurate though.

Respec could definitely be playing a role as well.

Haven’t gotten to 10 seconds, but pretty close using a Loop of 4n631, Bear Trooper, and a gun with 30% cooldown on kill.

I am unsure if that was fixed. If it was and the patch reverted some hotfixes which is why some people think they accidentally used an older load for the patch it could have reverted that as well.

At OP: (the bug) If you have topped off and respec multiple times you can drop your cooldown rate to nill.

I noticed it a while ago, getting iron bear back before auto bear finished. At first I thought it was mayhem modifiers persisting back to sanctuary but it happened anytime I respecced and changed some gear I had on.

I just tested cooldowns the other day and what I found:

Grizzled 5/5 reduced cool down by roughly 30 percent while killing the car in sanctuary over and over.

Explosive Punctuation 5/5 reduced cooldown by 15 percent while shooting jack dummy.

Both 5/5 reduced it about 40-45 percent while shooting the car.

But then I tried 1/5 explosive punctuation and it increased cooldown by 100%. So I restarted my game, and then it reduced it a few percent as it should.

All of my guardian perks were unlocked before the update and currently aren’t working.

It seems that any percent based cooldowns may be bugged until the game is reset, and they may be further bugged by equipping and respeccing. Sorry I don’t really know what causes it to speed up like that.

It used to be simply switching shields, mods, respecs, stuff like that and you’d have a near instant cool down.

Edit*** to be clear, grizzled testing is accurate, explosive punctuation testing I think may or may not be accurate because it bugged out. I didn’t retest 5/5 with it, so it could be greater than 15% reduction.

Ok so respec plus having topped off enabled. Wasn’t sure what caused it before and why I’m unable to reduce my cooldown now… But oddly I can increase it by double.

Don’t worry, Fl4k can double his Gama cool down too by rez’ing his pet. Which is what is supposed to happen. However if you use it once the double effect stays instead of just one time :man_facepalming:

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Oh wow I didn’t know that’s how it worked. In any case, Ironbear taking forever has made me sad. I liked using him with topped off combined with the other cds

Modifiers do sometimes bug and carry over into sanctuary. I’ve had it happen in the past when testing Dakka Bear damage. I was getting +Skill Damage on the vehicle in sanctuary. I was unable to reproduce it after restarting my game.

If you get the 25% cooldown rate boost it’ll make Iron Bear come back before Auto Bear is finished.

So is it safe to say to stay away from explosive punctuation for now?

I’m not sure. It’s inconsistent and I don’t know what exactly causes it to bug out. Just restart your game after respec or mod change and you could be ok.

I juat don’t use it, grizzled is generally enough for me.

Sounds about right. I respecced twice more and my CD was around 6 seconds if I got out half way. Definitely a bug with respeccing where you can get extremely low CD. It’s not legit but could be fun to play around with to have near 100% IB uptime.

I remember one time I respected with Fl4k from Rakk attack to fade away and was floored how instantaneous his fade away cooldown was. I wa so excited using it non stop… then it went away when I came back to play later and I found out it’s a temporary bug when you respec

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same :frowning: many times ive tested out a new build and had a blast, come home from work to play it some more… BAM! turns out i was abusing a cooldown bug, ■■■■■■ cheater