Moze 4th Skill Tree Rework Idea


Hello, I’m Velvet. Recently Moze’s 4th Skill Tree Bear Mother has been showcased, revealing the very cool Iron Cub along with some very underwhelming, mundane, redundant and counter-synergistic Skills. Namely Fuel, Cooldown Rate and Status Effects. I can reserve my opinions about Status Effects until testing but Cooldown Rate and Fuel are two things Moze already has access to and are far from new or interesting especially when comparing them to what each other Vault Hunter got from their new Skill Trees. Currently Bear Mother has many skills that either give a very minor effect (Additional Status Effect Chance / 12% Movement Speed) or Skills that work against each other. Example being that this Skill Tree has Cooldown Skills (which don’t work while Iron Cub is active) and Many Skills that are meant to make Iron Cub have a very long active duration invalidating the Cooldown Skills and Moze’s new class mod. While not having any interesting or strong Skills that would make you want to invest in Status Effect Chances.
So here are some ideas I had to make this 4th Skill Tree a little more interesting.

:star: Bear Mother :star:


Whenever Moze or Iron Bear ignites an enemy, they both regenerate health for a short time. :arrow_forward: Igniting an enemy grants Moze and Iron Bear a stack of Biofuel. For each stack of Biofuel Moze and Iron Bear gain health regeneration.

At 1/5:
Health Regen: Up to +0.7% per sec
Iron Bear Armor Regen: Up to +0.5% per sec
Max Biofuel Stacks: 2
Duration: 8 seconds
At 5/5:
Health Regen: Up to +3.5% per sec
Iron Bear Armor Regen: Up to +2.5% per sec
Max Biofuel Stacks: 10
Duration: 8 seconds

This 4th Skill Tree seems to want to revolve around Status Effects and keeping Iron Cub active, so the first change would be to making Biofuel stack. Since health regeneration isn’t that amazing late game (especially compared to Vampyr and Rushin’ Offensive) I thought having up to 10 stacks would give a big enough bonus to offset this.

Big Surplus

While Moze’s Actions Skill is Active or Cooling Down, she deals bonus Incendiary Damage.

At 1/3
Bonus Damage: 10% of Gun Damage
At 3/3
Bonus Damage: 30% of Gun Damage

If you’ve ever played Moze you are no stranger to the fact that Iron Bear’s Cooldown Time is almost never a problem through skills like Grizzled or Topped Off . Making this skill apply it’s effects while Iron Bear is active would actually make it worth considering. (Assuming the Damage is worth it in her formula or at least having the chance to ignite.)

Really Big Guns

Iron Bear gains increased damage and Cooldown Time.

Iron Bear Damage: +4% :arrow_forward: +16%
Iron Bear Cooldown Time: +36%
Iron Bear Damage: +20% :arrow_forward: +80%
Iron Bear Cooldown Time: +180%

Here is by far the biggest change and to keep in theme for this tree here is a huge Tier 1 bonus to Iron Bear’s Damage at the cost of Cooldown Time. Hopefully incentivizing picking more Cooldown related skills.

Double Time

While Moze’s Action Skill is active, she and Iron Bear gain increased Movement Speed, Fire Rate and Reload Speed.

Movement Speed: +4%
Fire Rate: +4%
Reload Speed: +4%
Movement Speed: +12%
Fire Rate: +12%
Reload Speed: +12%

This skill is nice but like most skills in this 4th tree just seems to be a rather uninteresting single effect. Adding Fire Rate and Reload Speed not only adds to the flavor of the skill but also gives Moze much needed Reload Speed since she has no other Skill Tree that has Reload Speed Bonuses.

Harmonious Havoc

Moze gains increased Gun Damage and Elemental Resistance for each weapon, shield, and grenade that matches the element of her gun. Moze gains Elemental Resistance of the Matched Element.

Gun Damage: +2% per matching item
Elemental Resistance: +1% per matching item
Gun Damage: +10% per matching item.
Elemental Resistance: +5% per matching item

While I personally am not a fan of Matching Gear Requirements this Skill Tree only has Biofuel as a defensive skill. So adding Elemental Resistance to the matched element felt like a perfect fit for this skill. Keep in mind that Maliwan Weapons have Dual Elements.

Explosive Fury

Moze and Iron Bear gain increased Status Effect Damage and Status Effect Chance. Applying a Status Effect has a chance of creating a nova. These bonuses are doubled for Fire.

Status Effect Chance: +9%
Burn Status Effect Chance: +18%
Status Effect Damage: +5%
Burn Status Effect Damage: +10%
Nova Chance: +7%
Burn Nova Chance: +14%
Status Effect Chance: +27%
Burn Status Effect Chance: +54%
Status Effect Damage: +15%
Burn Status Effect Damage: +30%
Nova Chance: +21%
Burn Nova Chance: +42%

Since the majority of skills here rely on applying Status Effects I felt increasing the chances and spread through novas would fit Moze. As well as being reminiscent of Gaige’s More Pep Skill but having a bigger bonus to fire rather than shock.

Fired Up

Whenever Moze or Iron Bear applies a Status Effect to an enemy, she gains increased Fire Rate, Movement Speed, and Reload Speed for a short time. This effect stacks.

Fire Rate: +5%
Movement Speed: +1.5%
Reload Speed: +2.5%
Duration: 12 seconds
Max Stacks: 5

Fire Rate is not a very important or exciting thing for Moze since she has access to it in other trees so adding the two things she lacks the most (Movement Speed & Reload Speed) not only makes this skill more interesting but also adds to the flavor.

Nitrotrinadium Engines

Iron Bear gains increased Maximum Fuel, Action Skill Cooldown Rate and drains less Fuel.

Maximum Fuel: +5%
Action Skill Cooldown Rate: +4%
Fuel Drain: -3%
Maximum Fuel: +25%
Action Skill Cooldown Rate: +20%
Fuel Drain: -15%

The original skill is underwhelming just kind of a mediocre bonus but if we compare it to Stainless Steel Bear it has one less effect and when we take into account that Cooldown Rate doesn’t matter whatsoever this is just a worse Deadlines. But changing Cooldown to matter a little more and having Iron Bear drain less fuel (to keep with the long duration/ long cooldown theme) makes this skill an alternative to Deadlines (if you want to spend your point somewhere else in the Demolition Women Tree) and a more supportive version of Stainless Steel Bear.

Never Going To Give You Up

Whenever Moze or Iron Bear applies a Status Effect to an enemy, Iron Bear Gains Fuel. This effect is doubled if an enemy was ignited. This skill has diminishing returns.

Fuel Returned: Up to 5%
Ignited Fuel Returned: Up to 10%
Fuel Returned: Up to 25%
Ignited Fuel Returned: Up to 50%

More Fire Status Effect synergy.

Feature Creep

Iron Bear gains increased Damage, Damage Resistance and Cooldown Time.

Iron Bear Damage: +18%
Iron Bear Damage Resistance: +45%
Iron Bear Cooldown Time: +30%

Another good Iron Bear Skill but the trade-off is more Cooldown Time.
Note: Maybe the Damage could be higher?

Limit Break

Moze gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate whenever she or Iron Bear inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy. This effect stacks and applies while Iron Bear is active.

Cooldown Rate: +4%
Duration: 12 seconds
Max Stacks: 10

Making this skill work like Salvador’s Get Some would be very important for the additional Cooldown Time other skills apply. Also even if the Cooldown Rate Bonus is not very effective it would still be worth considering since it would work while Iron Bear is Active.

Superior Firepower

Whenever Moze or Iron Bear inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy, they gain increased Status Effect Damage and deal increased damage to enemies inflicted with a Status Effect.

Status Effect Damage: +20%
Inflicted Enemy Damage: + 15%
Duration: 8 seconds
Max Stacks: 5

It is a similar effect as the Guardian Rank Skill Harmageddon but I felt would be fitting for this Skill Tree.

Running On Fumes

Whenever Moze or Iron Bear ignites an enemy, Iron Bear creates a weak Fire & Radiation nova with a high chance to cause a Status Effect and high Status Effect Damage. Iron Bear does not consume fuel for a short time but increases Cooldown Time.

Iron Bear Nova Damage: XYZ
Nova Status Effect Chance: 55%
Iron Bear Cooldown Time: +0.2 second(s)
Duration: 6 seconds

The pinnacle of what this Skill Tree is trying to do is showcased in this Skill. Apply Status Effects, Increase Duration and Add Cooldown Time. The Nova can only trigger every 6 seconds and would have a decent radius but low impact damage but it would be used more for Status Effects both for damage and activations of other skills.

Bonus Capstone (For Fun)

Mamma Bear

Whenever Iron Bear is deployed it summons Iron Cub releasing a shockwave staggering enemies and Overcharging you and your allies. Overcharged players gain Ammo Regeneration, Shield Regeneration and Damage Resistance. This skill works with Auto Bear. This skill has a cooldown.

Ammo Regeneration: +7.5%
Shield Regeneration: +15%
Damage Resistance: +20%
Duration: 10 Seconds
Cooldown Time: 35 seconds

In theory? Very cool. Implementing? Good luck Gearbox. I just thought this would be an interesting, Team based Capstone and an homage to Wilhelm’s Overcharge Capstone.

To clarify if you had Iron Cub equipped it would summon Iron Bear for 10 Seconds (25 Seconds with Auto Bear).

:star: Augments :star:

Fuel For The Fire

Whenever Moze or Iron Cub inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy, Iron Bub’s armor is restored and Fuel Drain is decreased for a short time.

Armor Restore: 12% of Max Armor
Fuel Drain: -8%
Duration: 2 seconds

The normal version of this augment is made redundant by Vampyr and Biofuel so adding less Fuel Drain might make it decent.

Baby Nukes

Whenever Iron Cub is deployed or destroyed, it triggers a nuclear explosion, dealing massive Radiation Damage. This skill has a chance to cause Status Effects

Damage: XYZ
Status Effect Chance: 20%
Status Effect Damage: XYZ

Not as good as the Capstone (Only Radiation) but does more damage, Bigger Radius and still can apply Status Effects.

My Little Friend

Iron Cub spawns with an incendiary Vladof Assault Rifle in addition to Iron Cub’s other weapons. Moze and Iron Cub gain increased Burn Status Effect chance.

Burn Status Effect Chance: +8%

Better burn chance since that would be the biggest reason to equip Iron Cub with this augment.

Efficiency Engine Unchanged

Moze gains increased Gun Damage. The longer Iron Cub has been active, the greater the bonus.

Gun Damage: +0.5% per second

This augment is definitely good enough already.

Author’s Notes

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below about the normal 4th Skill Tree, my changes or your own.


eh ok, but still a lot of things that work against most of her other trees or builds.
Reload speed really isn’t a problem for moze, with some form of ammo regen from the green tree she’s fine, and adding fire rate bonuses are actually a negative for her at some point.

Since it would just outpace the regen. What she really needs is splash damage reduction, and a lot of it, so she doesn’t kill her self as easily. I do like having another healing options for when grenades run out.

I never liked that rushin offensive change, its works in practice I guess but its just really dumb to have to run full tilt directly at enemies while shooting to get health back when you’re low.

I much preferred giving her splash healing and splash damage on every shot fired.

I def hard agree with her finally getting reload speed in multiple skills eveb thiugh she Regensburg ammo if she has multiple ways to get a ton of fire rate she needs to reload fast plus there are o ly 3 regen skills anyway and its like what if we didn’t HAVE to run that to be good. I agree with pretty much all of this maybe add flat damage for the cub being out instead of gun damage since she technically has just too many gun damage increases and needs flat damage increases if she wants to not rely on short fuse

Sucks they will never consider any of your suggestions even if they agree with them because well… someone suggested it lol they will specifically not do anything you suggested out of creative spite

Why wait until you have used the skills to criticise when you can get in early and get all worked up about pure supposition?

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Seriously. There isn’t a Youtuber alive who is even 1% as good at finding the less obvious synergies and benefits from skills in this game compared with the community as a whole. Criticism towards the new skill tree and action skill feels super premature at this stage.