Moze 4th skill tree

Anyone excited for tomorrow? I am. I don’t know why but I am.


Ofc I am
And I can’t even be there! Aaaaaah!

I am. The first two trees worked out better than I imagined, especially for my girl, Amara. I’m most interested to see what buffs they gave Zane. On the Borderlands website, some of Fl4k’s skills got some nice changes, including a much needed rework of his blue capstone.

I want my IRONCUB
so excited, i hope its like the first skill to convert it, i really dont want it to take up weapon slots

My biggest question is will iron cub be a grenade replacement? Can you do iron cub and iron bear at the same time? Or is it an action skill override?

I am pretty sure it will be an iron bear overwrite
Either action skill slot or in the skill tree like auto bear


Yes I am.

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Yeah I can’t wait to see what’s up. Honestly I probably won’t be using teh cubbeh because I like piloting Iron Bear, but I most definitely want to see the new skill tree and what it could add. And my mind might be changed about Iron Cub after all heh.

Tbh the 4th skill tree holds no interest for me at all. I spent a long time building both my Moze characters, from experimenting on my first run to refining my second and I’m happy with the results I’ve gotten. Doubt I’d even bother using the new trees unless they completely nerf the hell out of the the other trees to balance the 4th.

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If you’re okay with spoilers:

Maybe status effect builds will be a thing?


I wonder if specialist bear will work with the iron cub

Pyromaniacal duo is here!

I’m watching right now. My first impression I’m correct it’s like a Pet. It looks better than Flak’s but not as broken as Amara or Zane.

Moze new tree feels just about right. It’s gonna be ASA, matched sets, and ststus effect builds

Also I’m glad I found this from one of the vending machines last week

Moze’s increases gun damage: Fired up + Efficiency Engine + Harmonius Havoc + Explosive Fury + Superior Firepower with DoTs and ASA anointment

We’re not even considering Iron Cub. If we assume it’s as OP as Iron Bear, then it’s goodbye Mayhem lol.

Right now Mayhem scaling isnt working with Iron Cub. It should be fixed by Nov 10th.

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Without Mayhem scaling how does it look though.

I honestly was worried about Mayhem scaling because IB replaces more completely.

If IB gets anywhere near that strong you just sit back and laugh while it kills the screen.

According to Moxsy, Iron Cub needs Mayhem scaling so probably without it it’s weak. You should watch his stream now to see his Moze takedown with IB WITHOUT IC scaling.

I think that’s what’s gonna happen on Nov 10th :grinning:

So for Fl4k gets a new beast that ain’t a beast, Moze gets a teddy bear that is not an Iron Bear attachment, Amara gets some orb that can be punched around and Zane will get what? A robotic leprechaun that beats the crap out of every standing thing with a hammer? The Wee Zane?

Even worse is that a few new skills seem to emulate or even improve upon a skill from existing ones of other Vault Hunters, taking away some originality from each of them. :expressionless:

Yep sadly

Ya know, this new tree would be way OP if they would scale DOT damage with Mayhem. As it is, status effect (aka DOT) damage is complete booty on M10. It doesn’t even tickle enemies.

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