Moze Action Skill Ideas

I love playing Moze. I have a bottomless ammo never reload build and it is so much fun.

But in all the time I have spent with her (a lot) I have never used her action skill. The same seems to be true for most of the Moze players out there. I know there is talk about improving the iron bear but, I think a better idea may be some action skill options like we have for the other Vault Hunters.

I think a good one would be an action skill that refills your grenades with a cooldown. Or, auto Iron Bear without having to first get in. So it is more like a turret or Death Trap.

What would you guys like to see as an alternative to Iron Bear?

There’s a granade annointment that gives you a granade on action skill start, so technically that’s already a thing. All of IB’s splash damage weapons proc MoD so using him can refill all of your granades sometimes. Granade launcher augment lock and speedload works best with this i’ve noticed. And does ok-ish damage with blast master COM. About 4k per hit (8k on crit) with my gear and it shots 5 of them per use. I dual-wield these so that’s 10x granades that can proc MoD on each pull.

I have 28% splash damage roll on my class mods so i’m boosting my IB’s damage by 28% extra and i could throw on a 33% Area-of-effect relic to boost it futher.

I’m torn wether or not IB should have more damage. I could see them buffing some of his augments so there are more options when you have negative modifiers. His salamander weapon and augments doesn’t seem to do splash damage, if they did that would’ve been a option to switch to when you get -50% normal damage modifier.

With the rockteer class mod, you can make autobear last for a while, maybe 30-45 seconds but it’s so situational and it’s a 20% damage increase of you have an auto bear annointment otherwise it’s a big nerf to your damage because it gives IB a much longer cooldown. This mod needs a buff imo. Perhaps remove the penalty to non-refundable cooldown. It would allow for re-positioning him aswell.

What absolutely needs to be improved is his durability. Somehow, i’m not sure how honestly. It hard when he essentially gives moze a third HP bar. Perhaps give him 50% damage reduction as a baseline, maybe more. It would help with scaling dificulty i’m guessing and wouldn’t be to OP at lower difficulty levels, if that’s even a issue. Say, on Mayhem 0 you take 5k hit, it’s now 2.5k While at Mayhem 3 a 10k hit would be 5k. Etc etc.

If the did a balance pass on her class mods, improved IB’s augments to give more options in mayhem and did someting to make him actually feel like a tank and not someting you use as an escape tool, he’d be much better. Maybe give moze more annointments that is active while inside of IB rather than start when you exit too.

Im fine with option of holding down action skill button to deploy IB as a turret , but after maining two characters in two games in a row that deployed turrets I’m sick and tired of it. I love IB and getting in it. I agree it needs a buff in mayhme mode (I have a thread going on about it ) but have zero interest in yet another boring deployable turret

I do think adding option to hold button to deploy IB instead of getting in should be like a 5 minute coding job and would cause zero balance issues

A few popped up in my head:

  • A capstone where AB would turn into an armory instead of turret. Several unequipped guns (first 4 or whatever) would show up like an opened loot chest and you just pick them up and start shooting. Once you’ve emptied the clip or swap to one of your equipped weapons, it returns to AB and it would reload for you, also procing any reload related skills and annointments.

  • A capstone that augments IB’s slam with your slam artifacts, but with a cooldown. AB would occasionally slam.

  • An IB augment for rapid fire lasers: incendiary that ignites and pierces, corrosive that bounces, and radiation that has knockback?

  • An IB augment for mines: create a minefield, but deal less damage, mines float in the air and can home, mines detonate several times