Moze action skill should be different by tree

Okay, this won’t happen and that’s fine and I’m not here to complain, but IB as an action skill comes across to me as marketing for an early concept. However, in practice, it really should have only been a single action skill for the demolition woman tree.

as I see it there should have been three action skills each represented by their respective tree. I don’t think that this is a realistic expectation now, but hear me out on concept. All other vh have a different skill per tree and the various trees feed synergy across them so that, for example, a crit fl4k might use talents to boost another tree and AS, or Amara can use phase cast and augment it with corrosion, etc.

The trees should have had something like this as follows:

DW: iron Bear as is. Hardpoint. Augments could run up and down the sides as expected, just more of them. Sure there are a lot of hardpoints. Not offering a solution for that.

SOR: shield related AS. If it has to include Ironbear, maybe he crashes down and does an EMP that drains all shields and makes enemy take increased damage in aoe bomb or hovers over teams and heals them kinda like deathclaw, I dunno. Something different. If no ironbear, she could throw a Vladof Static Charge or something that boosts everyone nearby. SOR tree starts off like it’s gonna involve team buffs, make it do that all the way down. Capstone could heal entire team shield a portion when Moze drains. Gives it a kinda cool effect and makes you wanna use snowshoes and stuff for team help.

BM tree: Moze deploys an old school turret like all soldiers in various ranks (Roland, axton, etc), except hers has the dakka bear stuff on it. Anyone standing near y gets ammo 5% Regen per second or something.

Boom Moze is a badass with several skills that all do cool things and have lasting action skills and all anoints work and she doesn’t spam bunny hope and she can do a lot more things

Anyway, don’t @ me on it. It’s just an ideas time I had. I get that this won’t happen, because the devs have really committed to her gig, but if they read this, plz do this kinda rework of her. Anyway here’s a cookie for reading. :cookie:


He could also have real augments. oh well
Here’s my (controversial) 2 cents


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been on dozens of posts about her like this. I don’t think it’s in the dev wheelhouse to rework her honestly. But I guess this is just imagination time.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the cookie.

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its sad tho
because her concept is so cool
but somehow not fleshed out and executed poorly

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Yeah this. I’ve always loved my gal here and only venture to Amara sometimes. But she’s always felt like the kid who never went to college, who dad’s disappointed in but, you know, she finally got a full time job at Wendy’s, so you can’t really hate on her, just know she coulda been a call center manager or something

now thats harsh

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Hahaha love her but she coulda managed a best buy second shift imho all I’m sayin

How about each skill tree alters IB’s basic chassis? So one tree you get IB that is balanced offense/defense and the other trees he’s more heavily weighted towards one or the other. Maybe the defensive tree could be the support/buff tree and the offensive is just that, pure dps. While the balance tree could be more crowd control. Move the melee augments over to offensive tree as an option so that the big dps numbers come at the added risk of having to dash about and get into melee with everything.

Is it just me or did anyone else think that quartermaster’s Oaken wolf mech were a bit “to much” to be a simple boss?

I’m just thinking out loud here, but it sure seem like it would pair well with a potential 4th skill tree. I’m daydreaming though.

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