Moze and action skill variety

I hope I don’t give anyone the wrong idea, I’m curious what other people think/discussion. For me, compared to the other VH’s I find Moze a bit boring to play. Each VH has at least 3 action skills, one of the things I love most about this game. Sure, Moze has hardpoints but imo a lot of these could be condensed into one tree, each weapon being an augment instead- maybe merge hardpoint variants into each other. When it comes down to it, each are just different versions of mech.

I’m not a fan of hopping into iron bear to just hop out either, it ends up feeling like Iron Bear isn’t as important to gameplay as it should be. It’s not even that Iron Bear doesn’t do damage (some weapons at least), but the hardpoints essentially do the same thing: shooty time (except the fist (pls buff fist its such a GOLDEN idea))

I guess you could say if I don’t enjoy Moze, I just shouldn’t play her, but I don’t, I genuinely love Moze and I’m a bit frustrated at the lack of distinct action skill variety. Mechs are still neat tho


It would help if we could summon iron bear in auto bear mode without entering him. Would help progging ASE effects and having him as a turret is a nice bonus.

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I agree. I wish instead of different hardpoints, there were markedly different chassis, that would change gameplay significantly.

For example, Auto Bear ought to have been an action skill, with augments that effect the summon duration, various effects on skill trigger, etc., instead of being a one point skill.

Another option could be a more rolling, tank-like modification of the action skill with more options for party weapons and seats.

Another could be Moze begins to fuse herself with Iron Bear, for a sort of Wilhem-esque cyborg vibe, with various bonii to damage, auto targeting, increased speed, etc for the duration of the action skill.

I really feel like Iron Bear was a missed opportunity. I DO main Moze, but they could have done a lot more beyond “bipedal mech” for literally all three trees.

The other VHs have distinctly different action skills. Moze plays largely the same no matter what tree.

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Although I consider myself a Moze main, I have no other choice but to admit that ultimately, Iron Bear is a huge design failure. IB extremely lacks in variety compared to other VH’s action skills, is very clunky to use and can’t even be summoned when there isn’t enough space. No other VH suffers from these kind of problems.

I know it’s most likely too late for this, but I’d suggest three different “types” of IB depending on the playstyle:

  1. Ranged IB with all sorts of ranged weapons like Miniguns, rockets, railguns, and so on.
  2. Melee IB with Bear Fists, Salamander, and a few other cqc weapons.
  3. A tree revolving around Auto Bear.

This approach would still exclusively focus on IB, but would’ve given Moze a much needed buff in variety.

But well, I’d even be happy with some simple qol improvements, like instant exiting IB or summoning IB without first getting into it.

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I would like to see Iron bear all the time, as a more massive fl4k pet, but more demanding of Moze’s commands. I wish I didn’t have to worry about large CD, because it exists all the time and I can just walk up and get into it. And of course, teleport it, because it is not able to go to some places. And my only problem should be that the Iron bear has health, which means mobs can kill it, which will make me lonely for a long period of time.
I’m not interested in autobear, because it’s almost the same as a Zane clone, with the only difference that the clone has more functionality.

Personally I’ve played extensively with all VHs but Moze because my main because I think IB is the most fun action skill to use . I’ve always liked Mechs and having to pilot one in a BL game is a dream come true.

At this point I’d make very little changes that I really dont consider too crazy at all:

  • fix right arm not getting some bonuses (i.e scorching RPMs , Drowning in brass etc )

  • all IB to throw Mozes equipped grenades at will using same button .

  • let Dakka bear turret fire radiation bullets at target your are shooting if no other player is controlling it.

  • Vamyre healing should be based on all damage IB does , not just splash damage. That way all weapons are viable end game

  • all auto bar to be summoned by holding down action skill button. Pressing it like normal would still have you pilot IB

  • purely visual : have targeting reticles appear over enemies (like Fl4ks fade away ) while piloting IB. Helps quickly locate enemies . This is purely visual

But honestly that’s it . Ib is near perfect to me as he is

Wasn’t thix fixed an eternity ago? Has it popped back? o.O

It hasn’t been fixed when using rail guns I believe…?

A lot has yeah but for example if you fire same weapons at same time left arm overheats quicker so at the very least scorching rpms is only on left arm

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They only fixed desperate measures. drowning and phalanx only work on left arm + scorching rpms increases the fire rate of the left arm only

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