Moze and Bear skills?

If I use a skill like “Fire in the skag den” , will it trigger when Bear does splash damage too? Or Bear has to be specificaly writen in the skill tooltip to be buffed by it?

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The skill specifically says “Moze”, but I’m honestly not entirely sure. I mean, Moze is the one piloting Iron Bear. So really I’d like to know too.

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Mayhem modifiers such as elemental damage or normal bullet damage do affect him though.

Also note that Iron Bear’s max health scales off of yours. So any shield that boosts max health will boost Iron Bear’s as well.

Edit: Means of Destruction does regen grenades, my bad on that point.

Edit 2: Never mind I am an idiot, I just tested it to check if I was crazy, it turns out that I am. Fire In the Skag Den does work on explosive Iron Bear Weapons.

Fire in the skag den does work with IBs spalsh damage weapons, such as lock and speedload and explosive. bullets.

IB can also trigger means of destruction to regen granades for you, even when using auto bear.

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Wild swing is also splash and also has Fire in the Skag Den working.



Good catch on Means of Destruction though, I forgot about that, it does regen grenades.

Edit: Never mind, you were right, I just tested it myself.

Sorry for giving incorrect information everyone, I remember testing it shortly after the game releasing and not seeing anything, but it does work now.


yes, with the build i tested it with had 0 points into FitSD and 5 cloud of lead. Cloud of lead adds fire on every 4th shot, then i added a class mod that gives me 4 FitSD and every shot dealt fire damage. but honestly, this skill is the easiest to test since it’s a 1 tier skill so just respecc, put 5 points in and use the granade launcher or un augmented vanquisher pods and you’ll see that it works :slight_smile:

There’s actually many skills IB can trigger that doesn’t specify him.

  • Redistribution, while it doesn’t affect IB at all it does trigger the ammo regen and gives you ammo while you’re in the mech.

  • i already mentioned MoD, but this is triggered by IB aswell while inside your mech or outside with autobear active.

  • Scorching RPM gives IB 20% crit damage.

  • to my suprise, (i’m testing as i write this reply) both “active tracking” and “target softening” trigger fire in the skag den, which should mean they also both benefit from splash damage bonuses such as blast master, splash damage rolls and area-of-effect damage bonus. target softening is hard to test since it’s splits and and debuffs, but it’s not meant for damage either really. active tracking does increase in damage with blast master. i don’t remember these two benefited from this before, but could be wrong. the nuke is also hard to test since it adds a dot by it self, but it doesn’t seem to proc fire in the skag den and it doesn’t get any damage boost from blast master bonus, which i were pretty sure on it did before.

things i’ve noticed that doesn’t affect IB at all though are

  • general winter does not freeze faster (hard to test though) and it does not get any bonus damage vs frozen while equppied with a ice breaker relic.

  • experimental munitions does not deal bonus fire damage when IB scores a crit.

  • as far as i can tell, none of the +gun damage skills affect his damage either.

  • short fuse doesn’t work with IB

  • flesh melter relic does not work with corrosive sabot round, but splash damage and area of effect damage boosts do. gaining 5 flesh melter stacks and then jump into IB did not increase corrosive damage either, so snappshotting it wont work. would’ve been cool in maliwan takedown.

so yeah, and thank you for making me retest, seems like i learned something too!


Thanks for the additional testing, this will be really helpful to people like me trying to unlock Iron Bear’s full potential. I really wish the ability descriptions specified what works and what does not work, I also wonder if there was some tinkering behind the scenes not in the patch notes.

I can also add the Auto Bear seems to reload dual railguns slightly faster than the player can while driving Iron Bear. You can test that too and see if you agree. :thinking:

is it only the railgun? it’s possible IB reload faster with all his guns on his own while auto bear, it would make sense since it’s just a 15 sec duration (without rocketeer)


It is possible, I just seem to notice it with the railguns more than any other weapon.

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he definitely shoots his railguns faster.


Auto Bear can trigger Redistribution.

Missiles can crit

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