Moze and Iron Bear idea

What if you tap the action skill button it will summon Iron Bear but if you hold it down it spawns it with Moze inside it like normal.

Also if you can make Iron Bear target with the action skill while out of Iron Bear.

Sure this has been talked about and sorry if this is a repost.

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yea, this is a heavy repost
i mean, i will always be thankful for these reposts because it shows how desperately people are asking for this to be possible

Gearbox says they read all messages. Hopefully we see something good come of it

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One problem with this idea is that not everyone spends a skill point in Auto Bear.

Changing the default behavior of a user interaction is usually not a good idea either. If you don’t have a point spent in Auto Bear and then one day they decided to change this to require holding down the action skill button to spawn Iron Bear, I imagine people would be upset.

If anything, they should make it user-configurable with the current behavior as the default binding:

  • tap to summon Iron Bear with Moze inside
  • hold to summon Auto Bear (if a skill point was spent in Auto Bear)

And let users change these settings to their preference, e.g., invert them like you suggested.


thats true
the “original gameplay” should not be changed for someone

How about pressing the action skill can summon or put you in Iron Bear and then every further press switches you in or out of Iron Bear. You fight a while from within and then decide you want to fight side by side. Tap! Now you’re on foot with Iron Bear beside you, moving with you and targeting your opponents. Iron Bear skills still work, such as restoring fuel with kills. Oh, but what’s that, you want to get back in? Tap! Now you’re piloting again. The action skill ends when fuel is empty, Iron Bear dies or you spend 15 seconds on Auto-Bear mode.

Really, this is what I originally envisioned when we saw trailers for Moze and to me it would be so much more flexible and fun to use. I’m not sure it would be too difficult to implement either, and definitely worth it for the difference it would make to Moze’s playstyle. They’d just need to create a new use for the Auto-Bear skill.

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I would love it
Auto bear probably wouldn’t be a thing anymore but that’s ok and would make place for something else
But also, it would finally, completely destroy the use of all ASE anointments for moze players
Which is…fine for me xD
I don’t care xD

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They did say they wanted to not add new characters but develop the four they originally created so surely stuff like this would be what they’re interested in doing.

well, one can hope :smiley: