Moze and Splash Resistance

I feel like Moze should probably have been given a splash resistance skill somewhere in her skill trees. That is all.

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What if they added it to the skill that increases her splash damage radius, so she doesn’t hurt herself as much when it procs?

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Is this new revelation courtesy of the ION Cannon?

Ive been downing myself way before the ion cannon. Damn melee’ers. Dont use the slow hand for melee guys. Insta down.

Yes. Use the Nukem instead :upside_down_face:

It’s been said for quite a long time that Moze is a suicide vest and splash is the trigger. It’s also been commented that Amara gets a splash defence while Moze doesn’t and that it’s a headscratcher as to why. One of the first high-profile YouTubers to make a Moze build video commented on the only thing Torgue Cross Promotion gets you is dead.

The new heavy weapons are likely to make it a bigger deal in the forums for sure but it’s hardly a new and startling revelation.

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Yeah, I’ve been running around with a Nukem blowing myself up occasionally.

It seems like, since her entire class is built around splash damage that it would be a good defense skill.