Moze and the Redsuit - A list of interactions

So I did some messing around with the Redsuit today and this is what I found:

  • Aura procs FitSD
  • Aura Boosted by Shield ASE element (adds element to each tick)
  • Aura Boosted by Nade ASE element (adds element to each tick)
  • Aura Boosted by Blast Master
  • Aura Boosted by Splash and Aoe passives
  • Aura Boosted by 160% Splash dmg anoint
  • Aura Boosted by 125% Splash dmg anoint
  • Aura WILL proc and stack Green Monster but only after shooting once
  • Aura Boosted by Torgue Cross Promotion (range)
  • Aura WILL proc Explosive Punctuation
  • Aura gets an unexplained damage boost while firing weapon and 1 tick after firing (maybe C-C-Combo)
  • Rad explosion WILL proc MOD

  • Aura WON’T proc MOD
  • Aura NOT boosted by ‘while AutoBear is active 75% fire anoint’
  • Aura NOT boosted by ASE next two mag weapon anoints
  • Aura NOT boosted by After exiting Iron Bear next two mags 125% fire anoint
  • Aura NOT boosted by ‘on thrown’ nade anoint
  • Aura NOT boosted by consecutive hits anoint
  • Aura WON’T proc ASE 15% liftesteal anoint
  • Aura WON’T proc Short Fuse
  • Aura NOT boosted by Stainless Steel Bear
  • Aura NOT boosted by Armored Ifantry
  • Aura WON’T proc Selfless Vengeance
  • Aura NOT boosted by Desperate Measures
  • Aura NOT boosted by Phalanx Doctrine

  • “Shield, Melee, Grenade Damage” map modifier for some reason boosted Aura on flesh enemies. I guess thats what the shield in this modifier means I was never sure of it I guess it’s damage caused by shields and not done to shields.

Could this be C-C-Combo?

I’m not quite following? Is the Fitsd damage nearly doubled by this anoint?



Yep. I’ll test again after I finish this SS but I’m pretty sure it was.

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What kind of damage numbers are you getting per tick with a bunch of these boosts?

Allow me to add, at least from my experience with Ember’s:

Will not Heal IB with Vampyr.

…oh, now I need an Unforgiven with the splash anointment :joy:

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I get 1941 without any anoints not counting fitsd etc on flesh(with blast master and aoe/splash passive). So significantly more with the splash anoints + 2 ase’s.

So with full boost Blast Master, Fitsd, +28 splash +33% aoe its 1941 rad + 368 fire on skags.

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Was mistaken I was getting a 736 fire number but I now realize I was getting hit by the skag and my shield has ‘return damage when melee’d’ which is 1487 and apparently works out to 736 fitsd.

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Playing with Ember’s and Green Monster. As the GM boost builds, so does fire damage. So. Assumption: FitSD is getting done Post GM?

This is interesting. Thanks for the share!

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hmm that’s funny that seems backwards.

It does. But it’s what’s happening. For me anyway. It’s a really solid ramp up too. On flesh, Ember’s gets up to just shy of 7k a tick. Also, after a quick test, I’m staying with Ember. Exploding enemies is not good for bear health :joy:

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does ember’s get boosted by stoke and selfless vengeance?

Does the Atom Balm relic make any difference in the damage numbers?

Also, and this may be obvious, but does the aura persist when you are in IB?

Persists in Iron Bear. My entire build is based on this ability. :slight_smile: more information to come

Couldn’t tell you (for sure), because I always have Stoke (it should) and don’t have SV (it shouldn’t)

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Stoke is an elemental multiplier so it should definitely affect Embers fire damage.

Selfless Vengeance is a bonus element and as far as my testing goes, it follows the same rules as +125% inc and thus shouldn’t help.

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A nuclear robot? Like some sort of… Metal Gear?

Pretty much! Though I actually use Ember’s Blaze because I prefer not having enemies blow up in massive damage puddles on me. But same concept.

Metal…Gear? It can’t be!!

I didn’t test it but I see no reason it wouldn’t.