Moze ASS(ault) Blaster build for Mayhem 4

I spent a good chunk of time fine tuning this build. I haven’t seen anything like it yet. It’s very simple, versatile and powerful. The video is on Mayhem 4 TVHM. This build requires no anoints and is very flexible with gear choices. Obviously it shines most with splash damage assault rifles, however splash damage SMG’s are excellent choices as well as any assault rifle (splash or no splash). Shield is up to you, I like the transformer OR recharger. Artifact is up to you, I prefer a last stand with perks to boost gun damage, grenade damage, mag size, splash damage or area of effect. Hope you enjoy and can use this build to help you!

Playstyle- totally up to you! I’m the type of gamer that likes to overpower my enemy. This build is very forgiving where you can be sloppy and deal tons of damage while surviving. If you’re more of the planning/methodical type, I imagine you’ll find Mayhem 4 a walk in the park. WTH it is a walk in the park even when you’re sloppy like me :rofl:.

My sloppy but fun playstyle is to just use the Ogre and hold the trigger down until everyone is dead. While shooting I spam grenades, and rarely ever run out. Everyone is dead and I laugh and go to the next mission areas.

When I actually try, I like to marinate enemies with grenades while entering the mission area. My first gun attack is generally an electric Kybs or Faisor. If you haven’t melted them completely already, my next attack is a corrosive Kybs or Faisor to take out armor. Once enemies are down to flesh, assuming they aren’t dead already, which they likely are, fire Kybs or Faisor will turn enemies into puddles like a hot knife through butter.

Improvements and Modifications:

Skill Points- If using guns that are non-splash, have a high magazine count, or have bullets return on crit, you might benefit from topping off Demolition Woman with Short Fuse. Forge might not be necessary to keep mags full/from reloading.

If you like to incorporate IB more often than not, and believe me, IB is very powerful with this build using Exploding Bullets, you will want to add more points into Explosive Punctuation to speed up the action skill cool down time while splash damage.

Some for the Road- I choose this skill to spam rocket launcher (Torgue Quickie) against boss’s. Crit swap for 15 second Graveward kills.

Gear Anointments- +125% splash damage on ASE, +50% bonus Element DMG on ASE, 20% grenade regen chance when IB takes damage, +100% DMG on ASE, +40% DMG while sliding, +25% gun, grenade and action skill DMG on grenade thrown, +75% shields and health when exiting IB

Artifacts- Elemental Projector, Last Stand, Otto-Idol, Flesh Melter, Atom Balm, Ice Breaker w/cryo grenade/guns, Snow Drift, Electric Banjo

Pistols- Devils Foursome, Craps, SkekSil, Moarr Linage, Hellshock, Maggie
SMGs- Kybs, Cutsman, Cloud Kill, Destructo Spinner, Dauntless, Ion Laser
Assault Rifles- Ogre!! Laser-Sploder, Alchemist, Gatling Gun :slight_smile:, Faisor (those shotguns with splash damage!!!), Shredifier because more lead = more dead. Any ASSault rifle will work well, choose your poison!
Shotguns: Butcher, Brainstormer, Conference Call, Trevonator, Flaker
Launchers: Ruby’s Worth, Torgue Quickie (paired with Some For the Road skill)
Sniper- Lyuda, it’s Moze, need I say more?
Grenades- Recurring Hex, Ghast Call, Cluster F*ck Exploder, anything that Mirvs, homing is nice too

Shields- Re-Charger, Stop Gap, Transformer, Resonant Back Ham, Big Boom Blaster


That is some satisfying melting :slight_smile:

Hahahahaha this is great! With better anointed items it will be beastly

Right?! Who knows how long I’ve had this class mod in my inventory. I did some inventory reporting and bingo, this set-up came to me.

Also, even though the thread title says for Mayhem 4, I just want to clarify this build would absolutely shred M3 and lower, even if using the wrong element type.

cool, I will try it with the set of weird looking vladof alien assault rifles I collected,they have splash , inc dmg on trigger pull and I think the beam chains, they might work

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You might get more mileage out of shifting a couple of points from the green tree to the blue tree in order to pick up Short Fuse. 3/3 means of destruction and 2/1 redistribution are more than enough to keep you mags topped up and I think that you will find Short Fuse is a notable boost to DPS.

I have a question about how the blast master works, can you just stay idle at the begenning of map to bring your bonus to 100% if so for how long?

I have tried Short Fuse, several times, and I have found Forge to be more effective at maximizing DPS. With Forge, you will never-ever reload with most guns over a 35 mag count. Blastmaster will stay at 100% boosted splash damage without reloading. The constant 100%, feels more powerful (overall), to my seat of the pants. I have no data or facts to back this up.

As far as keeping your mags topped off, without using Forge, it’s hit or miss. I’ve found the most powerful guns for this build (Ogre, Kybs), the fire rate exceeds the regen rate of Redistribution and Means of Destruction.

I do believe that you would be correct if using guns like the Shredifier, Lucians and Rowans. With a mag count of over 100, or with bullets coming back on Crit, Redistribution at 2/1 skill points would be enough to keep the mag from reloading. Good point for those who don’t use Ogre or other splash guns.

You can! The count is approx. 60 seconds for the full 100% increased damage. Sit there if you want, dance, clap your hands, run in circles, what ever floats your boat :).

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Make it rain!

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