Moze at early endgame

How are folks keeping Moze alive as a fresh level 50? I certainly don’t have a bloodletter. I’ve monkeyed around with a few different things, but I keep dying, and it’s getting old. She has no way of self healing, shield regen just isn’t enough.

Means of destruction + Vampyr + pull the holy pin + grenades. Blue tree.

Edit: if you’re on xbox I can send you a deathless and a hex grenade to help, I may also have a bloodletter if you want it.

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Apparently this is a fairly good build for survivability. Moze. Whole build here with item layout.

Edit: I should mention I haven’t tried this build fully yet but am currently working my way through with it.

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Any grenade that deals a string of hits. Quasar, HEX, Storm Front. It doesn’t have to be a good one. Means of Destruction will keep you supplied with grenades and Vampyr will constantly heal you (both in th eDemolition Woman skill tree).

If you have one of those you don’t need the Bloodletter COM to simply survive while playing the game. The Bloodletter COM just makes the above combo heal shields instead of health and adds to skills that jacks up your shield and damage.

All that aside, a decent transfusion grenade works wonders. Homing + some kind of multi-hit preferred (bounce, MIRV).

Honestly just kept a transfusion grenade and that coupled with Vampyr carried me until I got ahold of my first hex.

In fact, a trany and vamp carried me thru the entire game with just 2 deaths on Killavold(pre-patch) and 2 deaths on Troy.

Edit: lol didn’t realize ■■■■■■ would be censored. I typed “■■■■■■ and vamp”. Guess that does sound kinky.

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Should I be able to run thin red line? Currently I have like 12k shield and 2.5 k life. If my shield goes out, I die fast.

If you mobbing against COV and Maliwan, you could use a Transformer shield. Assuming you’re not on NVHM, it’s an easy farm due to being a quest reward.

Unlike the other, Moze is very veyr gear dependant for her survival : No health regen, not pet to tank, no hard CC … If you play Shield of retribution, you ought to have your deathless by example etc …

Until you’re fully geared :

  • The transformer is an easy to get shield on nekrodefeyo which boost your survivability by quite a lot
  • Increase range, use sniper, assault rifle … and use cover. You’re made of paper until you’ve geared up
  • Respec shield of retribution temporarily. It won’t make you a tank without the proper gear, but it’ll help

A low level longbow stormfront + Vampyr + Transformer kept me alive til my first hex, combined with some rare and epic Vladof mortars/rocket salvos with a BM Moze, cleared my first M3 Circles of Slaughter (except slaughter shaft) and farmed Traunt and other ground-based bosses for gear.

I didn’t use thin-red line until I got my first Bloodletter, given to me during a public coop game, by a random who, I think, felt sorry for my Moze.