Moze at end game sucks

So I thought most at in game is gonna be really fun but I hate that you really have to use explosives or the explosive damage type build an order to keep her as a good character in Mayhem Philip that’s the wrong move to make this should and made it to where he had more different builds that you can make in order to keep her relevant

Just keep in mind, all of the vault hunter’s skills will be changing over time, especially when the DLC hit.

Just because she is pretty 1 sided right now doesn’t mean she won’t be versatile later.

Amara is forced to use Elemental Damage to be OP.

Fl4kk is forced to focus on Critical Spam to be OP.

Zane… well yeah.

All the characters have their OP niche. It’s always been like that. There’s plenty of build variety, but not everything is gonna be Over Powered.

I can get behind the idea of build diversity since right now there are just a handfull of viable ways to build your characters, but still, explosives isnt the only way for moze right now, you can go for bottomless mags with or without spash dmg, you can even go fire dmg moze wich is quite viable for bossing, you can also abuse some mechanics to deal absurd amounts of dmg with each shot, or you can even try the drones build, wich is gimmicky as fk but is worth it for the fun, it deals nice dmg too.

I’m doing ok with Moze without using explosives. It’s not optimal, but still fun. My build relies on the Deathless artifact and Thin Red Line for a ton of extra shields and gun damage, with a Transformer to protect against shock damage. Invest heavily into the SoR tree until I get Phalanx Doctrine and shield regen. Rest into Bottomless Mags for fire damage, ammo regen and fire rate/crit damage boost. Using a purple Marksman com for +4 Scorching RPMs and +1 Redistribution. It’s fun to play and the only issue I really have right now are attacks that bypass shields completely. It’s definitely not as durable as the OP grenade build, but still viable and I enjoy it, especially with an Incendiary Rowan’s Call sending bullets flying everywhere.

The point is, there are a lot of viable builds for classes, but only a few optimal builds.

If you want to be optimal you might have to play a certain way that is dictated by the game, but if you just want a viable build you have a lot of options.

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The real issue is that all her other Legendary mods but one deal with boosting use of Iron Bear, and right now Iron Bear is about as resilient and useful as any of the vehicles in Mayhem, ie exploding in three shots from a Cyclone’s machine gun. Scaling it off her level alone makes it pitiful at endgame, same as with Fl4k’s pets and Zane’s drone and clone.

If they want to actually give her versatility to her builds, she needs to have an action skills thats actually endgame usable.

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Amara is not “forced” to use elemental damage. Where do you get this idea from, because 1/3 trees has a focus on elemental damage? Element matching has always been an important part of the Borderlands franchise, but if you think that Amara is forced to use elemental damage, whatever that means, then you do not understand her kit very well.

He’s been on a streak lately with poor knowledge.

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What’s her strongest non-elemental build?

Her strongest Melee Build relies on Unleash The Dragon to proc high DoTs.

Her strongest gun build relies on overwhelming elemental damage boosting.

Her strongest action skill focused build revolves around stacking elemental damage for max overkill damage.

All of her strongest builds push you into Fist of The Elements.

Allow me.

Oh this one uses FotE, but not for elemental skills. Let me break it down.

Indiscriminate gives every bullet that hits enemies a chance to ricochet, that chance is increased when an enemy is Phasegrasped. Ties That Bind shares 35% of damage dealt to one of the “linked” enemies.

Jakobs weapons have the highest critical multipliers in the game, and bullets that crit ricochet. When combined with Indiscriminate, the chance to ricochet becomes a chance to spawn a new bullet on a crit. Ties That Bind shares that massive crit damage and ricochet damage.

Finally, if you kill a squishy enemy with a crit, a Remnant orb is spawned that deals massive damage based on overkill damage. Any enemy that survives the ricochets and link damage will get killed by the overkill orb.

This is an all Jakobs loadout despite heavy investment in the FotE tree. Not my build BTW, but you asked.

Unrelated, but this is mine -

Now we should really get back on topic, this isn’t the Amara sub.

He also said the strongest amara build forces you to use unleash the dragon…dont let up, finish him!

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LOL Mortal Combat phrases ran through my head as I pictured @Slif_One remove his spine.

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To say nothing of the fact that the only actual direct boosts to her elemental damages are literally the first two down into the Fists of the Elements tree. Everything else is supplemental effects until you get to Forceful Expression all the way at the bottom, so you can get the same boosted elemental damage for all her other builds.

Oh, and White Elephant proccing off the Face-Puncher can match or out-damage Unleash the Dragon, doubly so if you swap to an Unforgiven before the bombs go off to multiply the crit damage. Make it a Knife-Edge White Elephant and you heal from all the damage so you can use a single gun to otherwise run all melee for Amara through the game.

For guns, Phasezerker has no reliance on elemental boosts to deal its damage, you literally need to go all the way down Mystical Assault instead to maximize its damage and you can easily pair that with Brawl over Fist of the Elements and still get extreme damage numbers. Amara is quite possibly the most well balanced of the Vault Hunters for endgame overall, even with some of her skills being bugged at this time.