Moze Bear Speed

After seeing how awesome it is to have the ability to move at a faster speed during the April fools day event I have this to say…can we please make this Mech speed buff a permanent thing for moze it was so nice to be able to move around like other classes of hunters. Pls pls pls


You ever use the double tap jump method? If you double tap jump while in IB, and hold down whatever directional control you have (key, stick, whatever) you will basically air dash in that direction. IB can actually move pretty quickly if you just jump-jump in any direction. Good for dodging rockets and whatnot as well, since you can " air dash" to the sides.

Is there even a speed buff applied to IB now? I’m pretty sure it just seems faster because moving at normal speed while being so tiny make it appear faster.


It just appears that way due to decreased size.

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Yes I have. That still works adding more speed. But this is nice to have the movement. After all a mech should move faster.

It’s because of this

  "key": "SparkPatchEntry935",
  "value": "(1,1,0,),/Game/PlayerCharacters/Gunner/_Shared/_Design/IronBear/Melee/A_IronBear_Stomp.Default__A_IronBear_Stomp_C,PlayRate,8,1.000000,4.0"

It is legitimately a speed increase.

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Wat. Wow. Maybe it’ll stick… Stealth IB buff? Haha, as if…

I tbought it was because of my BBB shield with movement speed being bugged because Moze was moving faster on foot as well. Guess its just part of the event.

That code specifically references the Melee Stomp (press F) but I’m pretty sure its affecting the animation speed of the boost. It feels to me like I can do it more often and that’s why we feel a speed increase.

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Being faster was necessary to move Bear through space. Even with the speed boost, I found myself dealing with the issue of barely escaping Wotan’s rockets or keeping up with his rotating shield.

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Slaughter Shaft was nuts with how easy it got knocked around lmao

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Getting into the outter dome during double shield was a nightmare. I got pushed back by pea shooters then slammed by rockets.

It’s a good thing I literally did it for the giggles

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Ok so some testing was done with a buddy. The small bear is not moving faster. It does…just like the player above mentioned…just look that way. However I do like the idea of the OB running faster than being on foot.