Moze Bear trooper drop rate

So ive been farming graveward and force troopers for days now and ive only got rocketeer class mods like 3 times . I wonder if theres any specific enemies to farm bear trooper or perhaps anyone willing to trade with my rocketeer mods ?

As its dedicated drop is a trial boss (tyrant of instinct): youll have about as much luck as i do hunting mind sweeper (tink of cunning); what sort of roll are you looking for? Normally i see more through gigamind n tend to hold onto some that are decent

so weird how this system works. Ive seen about 5 bear troopers in the last 30 runs of GW on M4. all had garbage rolls so i didnt keep them.

I just got it from some normal guardians lmao . Thanks for the answer anyway :v: