Moze being "balanced" / Nades for Mech?

If you dont want to read my path through Moze that’s completely fine skip 1st section/2nd section is build, just wanted to give some background on my view of her.

When I got BL3 my instantly picked up Moze (mainly for the mech). For awhile I use the mech, then I got a lvl 24 MIRV hex (ice) grenade drop. I ended up building around the “demolition women” tree because of the grenade spam was really good. This setup pretty much took me to TVH M3 lvl 43 (i was also playing with at least 2 other friends) when I finally retired the nade . For about 7 levels I felt pretty mediocre compared to my friends (Zane/Fl4k) also I had built nothing outside of the nade. Luckily I got a new MIRV hex (radi) lvl 50 drop fairly quickly. After getting bored with only grenade spam, I check out some builds online. Saw the “1 shot kill everything” build which used the “bottomless mags” and “shield of retribution” trees and a “cocky flakker” to kill everything. Used it for a couple missions and hated it, was way too much of a glass cannon. Went back to the nade “demolition woman” build for some time. I finally found a video that showed a “demolition woman/shield of retribution” build and its been my favorite so far (current one i use).

Build for Moze:
key- x/x/x = a row, | =next row
Shield of Retribution: 0/0/5 | 2/3/5 | 1/1 | 0/3 | 0/1 | 0 |
class mod gives +3 desperate measures, +1 thin red line, +1 phalanx doctrine
Demolition Woman: 0/0/5 | 3/5/0 | 3/0 | 5/0 | 1/0 | 0 |
Bottomless Mags: 5/0/0 | 0/1/0 | nothing else in this tree
weapons: Cocky Flakker, Mirv Hex (radi), Hive rocket launcher (corrosive)
artifact: Deathless (version doesnt matter)
shield: Front loader = 46k shield, Re-router = for Hive power shots, I dont use transformer because arc seems to never be a problem

Now that big boy crit Fl4k has been hit with nerfs, Im sure Moze is next in everyone’s sights mainly the Demolition Woman tree (hotfix today is just the beginning I bet). Nerfing the demo woman tree makes sense but can we get a buff to her mech? Like the only consensus of Moze from what I can tell is that her mech is completely useless in end game content. Her whole “thing” is the mech, why doesnt it scale with our gear? I dont even use anointed gear because they all have to do with the exiting the mech. Like I wish the mech was like Titanfall’s mechs where I can either fight side by side (not just it sitting there being a turret) and not have to enter/exit it. Why isnt there anointed gear that gives a buff while in the mech? Some players dont want to be in the mech (not sure why they picked moze) so sure leave bottomless mags as the classic gunner tree. So i see the nade nerfs coming but buff the mech plz.