Moze, Bloodletter, Re-Router

why wont the above mentioned combination not recharge the re-router?
+120% Amp Dmg and return it as health

It works, as long as you aren’t using a Deathless artifact.
And I believe it returns 50% of the shield capacity as health, but the bloodletter immediately turns that back into shield.

is it a bug with the deathless artifact?

No, there’s just no health to heal so it doesn’t do anything.

You probably want to run it with an otto idol and regen on the com.

Idk how this interacts with TRL, but based on how it interacts with deathless you probably dont want to spec into TRL.

Ive gotten this idea to work using the level 1 stopgap idea; only it is impossible to live long enough to have any benefit

I think I might have played around with this combo before. IIRC if you have an artifact or com with +health regen, as long as your static health is above 50% to retain the health gate, your health will regen back to the static amount and then your shields start taking the health regen.

on top of that, your capacity needs to be a little less than your max health. essentially your amp needs to fully charge the shield every time. without it, stray fire will essentially always prevent you from reaching amplitude.

It may work with a knifedrain/facepuncher combo; amp damage heals your health while the knifedrain tops off shield, going to give this a shot later - doubtful it would be worthwhile but could be interesting

I tried using a 9k re-router shield with a bloodletter and 149 hp regen on my artifact. It would drain 50% from the shield, but immediately refill all but about 600 capacity. Then the regen topped off the rest of the shield.

If the shield is very low capacity, you can get the amp bonus on every shot this way, even on a super shreddifier.

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Yes, i did this with a level 1 rerouter for a test (found while hunting a stopgap). Every shot was amped but didnt have much for survivability. I have a level 50 in bank ill be testing with the facepuncher idea, honestly curious how it will turn out

Ehh, the only problem with it is being realistic about getting the amped shots off without getting hit while swapping weapons, unless you plan to main gun the facepuncher, which would be choosing a much weaker weapon option just to make the shield work.

The biggest problem is that in any real mobbing situation I found it almost impossible to get the shield to get to max due to constant bullet spam from multiple enemies, and once you’re significantly off amp with a bloodletter, getting back to full can be a real issue until you clear house.

I was only curious if it could boost more than melee, sadly mistaken (500 dmg boost!), white elephant did no help too; in other news, i deal 4x as much damage reloading due to the terror annointment :sweat_smile:

Sorry for rezzing dead threads, but, is Bloodletter bugged atm? Or does it ONLY work with passive skills and medpacks nowadays? It seems entirely USELESS to me.

I’ve noticed that not only Re-Router doesn’t give shield back, but neither do even friggin Vampyr Grenades… at least not any noticable amount (and I tried chucking like 7 storm fronts and quasars to check (got no recurring hexes unfortunately for more prolonged action), no noticable difference from standard shield regen).
I get 1 amped shot and then I have no way of getting my shield back even on bosses that hardly fight back (like Graveward), let alone in more heated fights.

Tesla grenades like Storm front, quasars, and hexes were “fixed” to not work with vampyr awhile back. Your best bets are mirv, divider, bouncy tracker grenades. The purple cloning maddening tracker is top tier for this.

Edit: The Re-router should totally be working tho. Maybe this is a new bug?

WTF were they thinking? No, don’t answer, that. Those are the same people who nerf things to the ground then make other things extremely strong, so thinking them capable of thinking is a stretch…

My guess is that it takes 120% damage done as heal, applies that to HP bar (which is reduced to 1, so heal is reduced to 1 too), THEN it converts that to shield, so in the end you get big ole NOTHING. because when your amped shot hits for 580K+ you should really AT LEAST notice if something of that got back to your shield.

Oh well, Moze kinda sucks right now. She’s great while leveling on 1 HP (as you get +100% dmg when you start needing it with more after each kill), but in the mayhem, not so much. Iron Bear is too weak in Mayhem unless you abuse a glitch or two that might already be fixed, and most of the machinegun type of guns are really useless after nerfs (like Lucian’s call doing nearly no damage). Getting a good splash gun is also extremely hard since they hardly ever drop (tried farming Warden for Boom Sickle, but he never even dropped any, let alone the right variant with usable annointment - I got 2 in total in the end, both from Graveward in the end, and both useless variants) and the splash damage annoint on ANY guns (even Torgue) seems to be EXTREMELY rare. (haven’t seen a single gun with useful Splash annoint (1 splash Cutsman but only the orbs on the ends deal splash damage so it’s useless) and only 1 gun with consecutive hits even in this vendor machine event that’s been up… most of the guns that I bought and tried out SERIOUSLY underperformed, so I’m stuck just using shock Lob for mobbing and Krakatoa for fleshy bosses - with corrosive Lob on hand for armor bars… with none of the three having useful annointments)

I can try with the new Pearl relic for a damage boost, but that would mean a lot less shield capacity than using Deathless, for questionable gain, as most of my guns don’t have that high clips (and those that do do near zero damage). When I was still exping my Moze, I had this amazing shock Balogna Poney with ~430 splash radius and high damage that kept obliterating everything while topping my giant shields with Transformer. Farming on lvl 57 for days and haven’t seen a single shock Balogna Poney, let alone the micro-nuke splash radius variant. And even then it most likely wouldn’t come with a useful annointment. That’s the way of the endless farm in the BL3 (unless you have 10 000 friends farming with you, sharing any real good finds by duplicating them and sending them over. I don’t). And I bet when I finally get a really good item, the level cap will rise again to make it useless anyway :smiley:

Getting a couple westerguns to cover all your elemental needs at proper level isn’t hard, though. I took another break from the game (volcano erupted where I’m from so had to evac house, but now stuck at home due to global crisis). Only just started playing again, still level 50.

My go to has always been grab a couple westerguns, and an okay multi explosion nade for moze if I really don’t know where to start. As long as you have some grasp of her core game mechanics, setting her up and working your way up through the mayhem difficulties isn’t complicated. I find it actually fun going away then coming back for new stuff to do.

Wotan is dropping the Kyb’s Worth like candy right now if you are geared up for the Takedown.

I ran the DLC2 at Mayhem2 because it was frustratingly hard on Mayhem 4 with my gear. Not to mention I seemed to be getting way more drops (from mobs at least) on Mayhem 2.

I got halfway through the DLC on mayhem 4 with only 2 legendaries dropping, on m2 they drop like candy for some reason. Not that any of them were good (got NONE with useful annoints in either mode), and 90% were the same 3 guns over and over (tediore shotgun, hyperion smg, cov ar).

SO after today I have like 6 Anarchies (unannointed or bad annoint) and 1 unannointed Kaos ar, that was about highlight of the DLC so far. I don’t seem to have any luck for the few useful annoints for Moze (like consecutive hits, ele dmg for next 2 mags, splash dmg, etc)… like, they don’t seem to appear for me even on the bad guns, let alone on the good ones.

Oh well, it’s not like in this Corona time we have anything to do but farm, farm and farm more. Though I bet all those items will be useless within week of Mayhem 2.0 launching anyway, so no point in farming too hard I guess.

PS: Is it intentional that with Bloodletter equipped, each time you pick up MedPack, your shield STOPS REGENERATING on it’s own as if you were shot? Then it waits the entire delay until it starts recharging again. The more I play with Bloodletter mod, the more I hate it, seriously.

I forgot that was a thing the BL did, because it sucks so hard that I haven’t used it seriously since before Maliwan Takedown. I don’t understand why they felt they needed to nerf it, honestly. Not sure what they were trying to fix, tbh. The whole point of having a shield tree was for shield benefits, like free regen. “Manual shield healing” is a load of ■■■■■, if they wanted it to be for manual healing, they’d have made it a HP tree initially. It was a knee jerk reaction to an unintended interaction which they haven’t rectified, because it’s embarrassing.

Eh, I’m stuck inside, don’t mind me. Try a Blastmaster or a Mindsweeper.