Moze + Bloodletter, Storm front and Vampyr not working?

Ok so IDK if I’m just dumb or what but I swear I’m not recovering any shields from throwing my Storm Front grenades everywhere. I tried in the Cistern of Slaughter on Mayhem 3 as well as Slaughterstar 3000 and my shields seem to stay almost static except for moments I pick up health vials. Is the skill or class mod bugged or am I doing something wrong? because pre sp00ky patch it worked just fine and I’d heavily recover shields using this


I’m having the exact same problem too after the Halloween patch. I’m not getting any heals whatsoever from any grenades.


Seems like DoT from grenades do not regen health/ammo through Vampyr/Means of Destruction anymore.

Only the initial impact.


Yep. It was a stealth nerf through a bug fix basically. So. Hex isn’t good for damage anymore and it’s not great for healing. Time to find a better grenade.

So Moze got ninja nerfed again and they again didn’t say anything about it. Probably gonna say it was unintentional to begin with and tell us this is the new way.


I’m hoping that gearbox says something about this.

They will. It was unintentional how it was working before we fixed it to how it should work now.

I was trying Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair as a replacement for Hex… they’d be nice, but they come back at me WAY too much. Nothing worse than being put into FFYL by your own grenades.

Edit: Got a springing Epicenter. I can basically spam that now and get all my health back. Just have to actually aim and be somewhat close. Lol.

The nagata might also be worth a shot since it hits the enemy multiple times but you have to be accurate with it

Rain and diluvian firestorm also proc a lot of individual explosions.

Same issue here. I accidentally respec’d about 8 hours before the patch. Today I get on to redo my spec to it’s original and it’s as if it has been nerf’d. Storm front + Vampyr = no regen. I hope it gets fixed!

They did, and the answer is that it was completely intentional

But the skill itself doesn’t say AOE damage, it says grenade damage specifically. I say riot.

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For MoD, it’s splash damage, so it makes sense that the beam isn’t proccing. I do agree that it should still heal, though, as the beam is still part of the grenade itself.

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Quasar, which was my main healing grenade because it could hit many different targets, does not heal at all. I’m forced to use instant exploding grenades to heal and the Flakker to replenish.
Time to level up another VH for a main until this is resolved.

Personally, I don’t think it’s even correct to say the Storm Front and Quasar aren’t splash/AoE damage. They damage everything in an area, what else do you call that?

The Hex, sure, though I’d still lump it in with the Storm Front and Quasar just for consistency’s sake.

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Quoted for truth. It makes the skills almost (but not quite) worthless for my build and a lot of others. Nerf-aggedon strikes again.

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