Moze bottomless mags not working consistently

Since around the time the Bloody Harvest was put in place, my ammunition regeneration skills have not been working consistently. At times I will look down at my magazine and it is not regenerating at all. I have both Redistribution and Forge and I am receiving no regeneration, sporadically. Is this happening to anyone else?

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Yes! Also, sometimes it regenerates to a point and then just stops.

I have had the same problem. It either regenerates to a point and stops, or not at all.

Are you sure you aren’t at max ammo? The game doesn’t allow regeneration of ammo above max ammo. If you pick up ammo into your back pack then the mag won’t regen to full as you’d be exceeding max ammo.

I have been playing since release and I have never had this problem. Also, if that is the mechanic, Bottomless mags is a busted mechanic and will never never work.