Moze Bug involving Iron Bear

Hey, I am running accross a bug with iron bear where when I hop in, I hop right back out, and I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


I thought I saw this happen a couple times. Admittedly during heavy firefights, when I usually use the IB, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t get enough damage to immediately break the mech.
Rare enough to not matter so much right now, in any case

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Yes, it has happened several times and it’s ridiculous…

Like 1sirus2 said, it happens during fire fights and I can confirm it is not that you’ve taken so much damage that it’s killing the mech…

The biggest problem is that you not only are kicked right back out of the mech but it FULLY resets the cool down timer, which is definitely not legit.


its happened to me many times nad its really annoying, especially when you dont have auto bear, I hope it gets fixed

oh there was another issue with iron bear, the 5 shot burst of grenades only uses 4 instead of 5

Has happened to me many times. Frustrating for a build that was meant to maximize Iron Bear use. I’m switching to a different build until this gets fixed.

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yeah, but I am still having a lot of fun with moze, I just hope this all gets fixed soon, we just gotta report it so the devs know about it, you know?

Hey guys.

I’d definitely put in a support ticket.

If anyone has a moment, see if you can recreate the conditions where the circumstance happens most to see what may be causing it. Definitely add that explanation to the ticket.


got ya friendo, I can get a clip of it if that helps the most

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On the bottom of the ticket there is an option for attachments.

May be worth clipping a short video or an explanatory image.

Often times it is a combination of factors that in a game of this scale only truly get but through the grinder when tens of thousands of people are playing simultaneously.


yeah, I understand, I just hope I can help get it fixed, both her big bugs anyway

In my experience GBX are usually great at removing bugs asap, the only issue really relies on finding out where they are and what causes them in the first place.

Not possible at the moment because I’m at work, but I’m pretty sure the issue arises when Moze runs out of health before IB’s armor pops up. At least it always happens when I’m under heavy explosive fire and using the mech as a safety button similarly to krieg with RTB but instead of immortality you end up dead

I just recreated it for hte report and my health and shields were practically full, so that aint it I think friend

happened to me to, though most of the time it has happend is, when I first tried to use it, when I been in a place where area is to smal, then move a little bit and try again, then it has happend to me, not sure I ever seen it happen in open areas yet.

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well, report sent, and I hope all of you send reports to try and give the devs more insight into this problem

i have not had this happen but i have at iron bear be killed all most the second i got in it the dam thing is very squishy

I opened a ticket on this, but I will say that I not only never had the issue last night, even in heavy fights where I was almost dead/taking massive damage while transforming (which, previously, very often guaranteed the bug would occur), now it seems like the transform animation has been shortened, which could mean they found the problem and cut the animation as a stop-gap to a full fix. Have not had the bug since this perceived change, fwiw.

I had it happen a lot during the last area, which was VERY VERY annoying

Has happened about 5 times in the 2-3h I have played so far (PS4), glad it’s not just me so hopefully a fix is coming