Moze Build for Takedown

So what builds yall running on Moze for the takedown cuz I can’t find anything that really works to well to be honest…not since MoD doesn’t work and GB doesnt seem to be fixing it any time soon. No terror builds plz cuz I don’t wanna farm for anointment.

Probably not doing anything because MoD does work :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a 10%\6% chance and worked perfect for me in the takedown, vampyr as well. Was getting my grenades back at a reasonable rate obviously not at the broken rate as before but worked and never ran out of grenades and that was whole throwing recurring hexes and regening my health with them every throw

Yea well for me it just seems to not work ever because ill throw grenades and regen absolutely none…

Take off your bloodletter and deathless, wasnt working for me really and then I went to a standard shield and hp build and works. Running the splash com with an ogre and absolutely no problems getting grenades back.

Idk which is the culprit but one of those is clearly not working with MoD correctly

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Yea ill have to try that…but now im using an Iron Bear build cuz Iron Bear is gud now lol

I’m running a bottomless mags splash build, terror ammo Regen shield ( don’t really need it as I’m running bottomless mags but oh well lol ) I like it, went through m3 takedown like a dream

I was able to get all the way to Wotan with one other player with a splash Moze using westerguns/trevonators/hive. I died at Wotan though

Did you do it solo? Or on a team? Because I’m looking for skills that might help before I try it.