Moze build improvements inquiry for SoR/Deathless

What’s the next step after Moze SoR/Deathless build? Where do I squeeze more DPS and build improvements in Mayhem 4?

A bit of background:
This is my 2nd post. I started playing BL back in Nov 2019. I rushed BL2 until I can hit TVHM. Then I switched to BL3. I managed to complete Normal campaign a day before Moxxi’s DLC came out. Also I play on XBox. I try to avoid trading as I have seen some hacked items out there with too perfect godly rolls (ahem Youtube influencers).

I have 93% Galaxy completion in Normal mode. I play the remaining side quests in M4 only. I am now in the process of finishing Pandora in TVHM. It’s a letdown coz it’s too easy. I wish I can enable Mayhem mode for the challenge and drops.

So far I can solo Normal Mayhem 4 with my Moze. With ease. The only boss that takes me time to kill is Graveward in M4. How much time? Probably up to the point where I use all of my 11 grenades, 3 mags of ION Cannon, and 2 mags of Lucian’s (more or less. Sometimes I do it faster). M4 Chupacubra, Traunt, Gigamind, Killavolt, Katagawa Ball, and Billy the Anointed are easy bosses to me. I don’t one shot them but I kill them fast enough. I try not to abuse the ION cannon unless I’m out of options.

Btw I’ve managed to reach the 3rd stage solo in Mayhem 4 in the Blacksite Maliwan. But I’ve never completed it in Mayhem 4.

My build:
I’ve tried numerous builds ie. Bear focused build when I was starting, then switch to bottomless ammos, then the one where I sticked the most is SoR/Deathless/Bloodletter combo with an Augmented Big Boom Booster (did I get that name right)? My shield is about 32K. My loadout is Torgue handgun (Scoville), Binary Cutsman (corrosive and shock), Recursion (incendiary and corrosive), and all the flavors of ION Cannon. In my bag I mix up with a bunch of Laser Sploders. Lucians, Faisors, Brainstormer, Kaos, and more Torgue handguns. I also have all the elemental versions of Recurring Hex. I run Transformer as my backup shield.

Last night I respec’d.

Formerly I got all the SoR tree minus the capstone and most of the DW tree but none of the BM tree. My new build is the same for the SoR except I ignored the DW tree and used the remaining skill points on BM tree.

My shield and grenade replenishments are coming from the Augmented Big Boom Booster. This is the reason I respec’d. I realized I can generate enough healing and grenade with the BBB. So the blue tree for me is kinda less useful. I feel my grenades do less damage though but I cant quantify it. However I feel my gun damage has improved and it takes a while before I reload my Lucian. At the end of the day the respec from before and after feels like I can go either way.

Sorry for the long post. I guess my question here where do I go next to improve my Moze build? I’d been farming diligently in hoping to find slightly better stats and anointed gear. I was the one who farmed Raging Bear for 13 hours btw.

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Bloodletter is far from the highest dps build.

Blast master and mind sweeper do more damage.

Deathless in M4 seems to be more useful with a blast master build and either a BBB or a transformer with shock healing.


If you want loads of DPS, you can look at my build here:

It’s pretty glass cannon, but you could adapt it to suit different weapons. The key Ideas I use is to mix Blast Master’s splash proficiency with all the quality of life and damage that Moze’s other 2 trees offer. You could probably almost plug and play it with the Laser Sploders.

The build goes overboard on the damage, you could emulate 70% of it and still be doing excessive amounts of damage.

As @twoPIZZA says Bloodletter isn’t among Moze’s best dps coms. Also just because you’re not using Blast Master doesn’t mean you should ignore splash damage boosts. In fact they’re most valuable on non Blast Master builds.


Keep in mind what he means here is be less glass and less cannon for a more versatile build using the same synergies he’s using


As your said, the best way to improve your build dps is to farm for better shield, relic and mod stats and guns with more suitable anointments.
Maybe try a different mod like the green monster or blastmaster, since you said the BBB is enough to keep you alive.

Dps wise, I put together this build and it’s by far the most powerful and funniest thing I’ve use so far in B3.
Its build around the bloodletter, flakker, SoR and DW trees, I must say that I’m using the best gear I have for this my relic and com have almost perfect rolls so idk how replicable is outside my gear.

People have told me that it’s that infinite grenades OG build but i can’t tell cause I started using the DW tree no so long ago, I used to ran a SOR/BM build prior to MTD, and it didnt perform so well ince m4 dropped but that was probably me not playing it right.

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I ran a BBB shield with the Deathless relic for ages, long enough to know that it can work in almost every content. But the big con about ever-increasing shield capacity that Gearbox doesn’t like to tell you about is that you can keep pushing your shield capacity up to 50k or even 70k and beyond, yet if you’re up against any enemies who dish out heavy AOE attacks, that mountain shield capacity can be obliterated in a single strike.

When it comes to Mayhem 4 and more specifically the Maliwan Takedown and Wotan, absolute max capacity is still good but not as reliable as simply having a shield that has other means of recharging in addition to its own basic stats. The BBB shield is brilliant for that specific reason, but the fight vs Wotan can get so overcrowded with adds and AOE attacks that the Deathless relic might as well be renamed Deathwish.

My primary build involved a lot of back and forth over time between guns, gear, skills and hardpoints. At one point for example, Fire in the Skag Den was my only investment in the Demolition Woman skill tree for an SoR/BM build. Then I started playing around with Auto Bear and began to see that it’s a much bigger total-DPS buff than it looks on paper, one worth sacrificing Scorching RPMs for. You can check it out here:

Update: I have recently respec’d and switch to a Bottomless build with still some flavor or SoR/Deathless/BBB setup. See My Green Monster Build Experiment

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Any shield with a ~2 second recharge delay can be viable on Moze, you just need careful around dots.