Moze build, maybe?

I call it " ALL YOU CAN EAT BULLET BUFFET" with a side order of “BOOM, U DEAD SUCKA”
Alternative title: “Bullets, Bullets! I DON’T NEED NO STINKING BULLETS!!”

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I call this one “The Undying Flame”

and this one “Invincibear the Defiant”

That’s cool. I’m going for a Glass Canon type build, maximum damage endless bullets. But the Shield of Retribution tree looks awesome if you want a “I AM AN INVINCIBLE GOD” type build.

You know, in the Bottomless Mags tree at the very top is a skill…Dakka Bear. It allows other peeps you’re playing with to ride on the back of your mech. So dang cool.

But would anyone really? its damadge likely doesnt outdo what they can do outside the turret

I agree. It seems fun but like you say, there’s no + to doing it other than feeling like Yoda

actually would be cooler if it just allowed them to use their weapons 360° and offering them your iron bear cover.

It’s where I would love they were more iron bear augments, like an augment slot for your top :

  • shooting nest for allies (or yourself with auto-bear). You use your own guns.
  • Install one of iron bear weapon (not the claws obviously) and need someone to use it (pretty close to actual skill, but you can choose the weapon).
  • automatic turret and you can design targets.
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