Moze build - Mayhem 3 tvhm is a breeze

Weapons are a cocky flakker, burning lasersploder, double penetrating roisens thorns, and the 4th slot alternates depends on what I am doing but generally a shock storm. Bloodletter mod, deathless, and the only hex ive ever found a mirv rad hex. Mayhem 3 is literally a cake walk. Flakker is still as disgustingly strong as it was before.


How did you get Three Flakkers?

they dropped? lol I don’t know if this is a serious question.


I still haven’t found a Bloodletter com. Lol. Have all the others, though.

Just asking cause I’ve built 3 characters to Mayhem 3 levels and not seen a single one drop, let alone 3.

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I do a lot of farming. My rotation is usually megamind, graveward, and troy. Always mayhem 3.

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You can use the other mod, cant remember what its called but its the one that increases splash damage the longer you dont reload, but you wont be as “tanky” without bloodletter.

I had and got rid of more flakkers than I could count,like OP said,farm. I lol’d on that.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I’ve got everything you’re using except the pistol and I’m haviing a rough time on M3 Slaughter Shaft.

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Because this is not a build for slaughter shaft. It’s just a build to run Mayhem 3 farming bosses…

add me on epic TheCush i would be happy to run with you and see what happening. @johnirby86 this build isn’t just a boss farming build. It can run all content.

Would you mind showing a vid of a playthrough on tvhm on mayhem 3 in slaughter shaft? If it does work…you’ve really got my attention on a new interesting build! Good job!

so I don’t have a reliable video capture, however I will upload a series of screenshots. Disclaimer: I am looking to the sky so the quest objective and mayhem symbol are easier to see in the screenshots

First: showing I am on round 5 in M3 (haven’t unlocked endgame in tvhm yet but the difficulty is no different)

Here is the slaughtershaft completed. Mayhem 3 with the build I posted.

Here are the modifiers

As I said, this is not just for boss running and general play in M3, this build can in fact run all content.

VITALY IMPORTANT: To be successful I strongly recommend you have unlocked the guardian perk Resilient in the survivor tree, we play with explosives so…ya know. I also suggest keeping at least a Lyuda handy for running Graveward and any other boss that would require a long range weapon.

If anyone has any other questions please feel free to ask.

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That’s awesome! Nice build! Maybe we could hit slaughter shaft together sometime if you’re on PC!

I am indeed on PC and for sure man, always down to blow up some goons.

Lol i don’t know how on epic…I’m use to steam…I think my name is just John Irby lol

There is a difficulty difference between NVHM M3 and TVHM M3.

I don’t think there is a difference in difficulty between NM3 and TM3. If anything it might be easier since element matching is more effecting in TM3

This is the build I run. Slightly different choices in weapons, but transformer and shock recurring Hex for shields. Everyone complains about the nerfs but other than slightly slower regen on grenades I’ve hardly noticed a difference.

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I would love to get a shock recurring hex or a mirv tacular shock hex. I found a rad recurring hex last night and its ok but having a transformer with shock would be great. Mind if I ask what weapons you use? I am always wanting to try new weapons and set ups, its why I shared the build I use so people can see there are different options out there.