MOZE BUILD: Mindsweeper Class Mod ideas anyone?

Anyone have any good gear combo’s or skill tree ideas that synergize well with the MindSweeper Class mod for Moze?
While Solo, I was experimenting with a few really good rolls of it in mayhem 4, Trial of Cunning and was for the most part destroying everything using Kybs Worths, and Em P5, and Flakker, and Vindicator Grenade, and Transformer with exit iron bear gain 75% Shields, with a good atom balm deathless artifact.

I was destroying things until the 3 annointed tinks spawned and proceeded to wreck me with their teleporting punches.

Just looking for some good ideas / gear choices for this build, there are not many online that i could see.

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I wouldn’t run deathless with mind sweeper, since you can’t actively regen shield. other than that the COM works with a short fuse/some for the road build, not as OP as say tedior chucking but you can kill most things w/o problems, as long as you don’t stand too close to those micro grenades xD


Mind sweeper pretty much has to have a point in redistribution, and the fewer points in Torgue Cross Promotion the better. Hopefully you mod has gun damage, assault rifle damage, or grenade damage.

Relic, get an Otto idol. Same stats as the mod, max health boost is nice, mag size is almost necessary on the relic.

Shield, big boom blaster is great for this build. Anointed obviously preferred.


Make sure to have a q-system to hit crits, it works wonders for mind sweeper. The carrier is awesome too if you can find a tracker dart version (you will be able to heal and full your grenades super quickly). At least a puck tracker, that’s what I was using and it’s ok. The damage is low-ish but you can constantly crit and it sends out a second bullet (sometimes 3rd with cloud of lead) and with Short Fuse you proc MoD.

It seems that Short Fuse procs grenade regen significantly better than just using regular splash guns. The Ogre is great too. Just look for guns that crit easily. Rebel Yell is awesome, but the mag runs out so fast you don’t have time to proc MoD more than once or twice.

Grenade us a homing divider/mirv/bouncy purple. Nagata works really well if you don’t want to use a homing nade.

Iron bear, explosive mini gun or no augment rocket pods. I prefer mini gun because the reload is way too long on the rockets.

Reason for going into thin red line is because the last 20% of your health bar heals so slowly unless you’re spamming grenades and wasting them. Vampyr is based on missing health so you won’t even notice the missing health anyway, and get a larger shield. However, you can take the 6 points out of SoR tree and put them in BM or whatever you want.

Damage output is lower and less aggressive than blast master, but has better healing if you’re hitting crits. If you’re just spraying or not actively going for crits then don’t even bother with mind sweeper.

Find a good corrosive/cryo gun to take out armored health bars because most of those enemies are tough to crit and you will struggle to use mind sweeper effectively on them.

Sorry for the long post, hopefully it at least gives you some ideas. Just make sure you do short fuse and not forge… Short fuse is a must in my opinion after dummy testing and bossing a lot.


I’ve been thinking for a long time in a build around the Mindsweeper. But there are some missing pieces of gear yet.
Main weapons would be (this is strictly for M4),

AR: alchemist with 100% dmg or 120% splash dmg for 18 seconds
Pistols: I was trying to use the Dp devastator or the DP Roisens thorns but this weapons dont translate well on M4. So I’m still undecided, maybe I’ll go with the old reliable Maggie or the flood.
Smg: Tsunami with 50% bonus radiation, kybs worth or maybe EMP5.
Shotguns: redline for bossing and and brainstormer or my favorite The Butcher for mobbing. I need to do more testing.
Grenades: maybe the most important, cloning maddening tracker with either 25% bonus dmg or 50% elemental dmg. Or other torgue grenade with mirvs.
Relics: last stand otto idol or last stand victory rush, bonus if it has shock or corrosive damge + mag size.
Shield: transformer (alchemist) or stop gap.
Talking about skill tree, this is a rough draft:
Edit: maybe this build is awful but I would like to get all the gear and give it a try.
Edit 2: iron bear, minigun explosive bullets.

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You had me at butchers. I absolutely love my butches on my bottomless bloodletter moze. Shame mine are still broken though.


That build looks a lot more suited to blast master to me. Mind sweeper looks similar to blast master, but it plays totally different in my opinion. Accurate, high dps guns that can throw down a ton of micro grenades melt enemies while healing yourself.


Yeah good point, but I dont know if I can take the most out of the blastmaster com with this build, I think you need to be continuously shotting for like 2 minutes straight to get the 100 of the splash bonus (I read this in this forum but I dont know of it true)
The main reason I go that far into the blue tree it’s because of Vampyr to have survavility that’s why I pick the alchemist, miniguns with explosive rounds, autobear and a relic with shock damage too. Edit: and transformer as my shield of preference.
Doing a quick test with alchemist and minesweeper (with a build designed for tediore chucking) I’ve seen dps between 100k and 800k but this were the mini grenades doing damage with an average of 11k while hitting crit with the alchemist.
What would you change to make it more specific for minesweeper? Gear? Skill points? I’m open to suggestions.

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Blast master is 60s to get to 100 percent I believe, and it’s by time not firing your weapon. The only thing I hate about it is the game mechanics force you to reload when ammo gets put into your reserve instead of your magazine. Makes me consider click click sometimes.

How are you getting 800k micro grenades if you’re hitting for 11k? The grenades are based off the damage you do.

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Also sorry, I didn’t mean the alchemist for blast master, that’s useless. Alchemist can be ok for mind sweeper against enemies like traunt or something but not mobbing really.

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60secs that’s sounds fair. So does it start counting when you fire the first time?
If I’m being honest, I really dont know.
I think is the alchemist. It adds 9% damage per gyro stick could it be that its additive percentage like 9%+9%+9% and so on? Or is it linear like plain 9%?

Edit: when three or more grenades drop I can see how the damage scales: first grenade like 110k second grenade 300-600k, third grenade 800k.

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Yeah yeah no problem, if only it was full auto or at least burnst fire mode.

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I’m guessing you stuck a ton of them on a single enemy or the jack dummy and when you exploded it a bunch of grenades dropped and it added it as one score (sometimes it bundles the numbers together). I forget how the sticky numbers add up, but the projectiles are hard to crit normal sized enemies. For general mobs and shaft fights you’ll be dead before you can explode the stickies in M4.

You want to be constantly dropping the grenades to constantly heal so you don’t have the throw so many grenades. Blast master sometimes MoD doesn’t proc grenades, and suddenly you’ll have them all proc at once. Mind Sweeper I never once had a problem with my grenade reserve because I didn’t need to spam them.

As for the 100 splash damage, it’s as soon as you reload, you don’t need to fire. You can just stand there and wait if you want. It’s kind of silly… Should’ve been like a counter part to click click or something.


I only try it with the Jack dummy, I guess I should do more testing in Athenas just to see if I can handle it and how it performs.
And yes the alchemist recoil is hard to handle, that and the long detonation time make it not the best for mobbing I recognize that too.
Maybe faisors would be better for a mind sweeper build.
Thanks for the help man I appreciate it.

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Faisor isn’t bad, shredifier on the other hand does no damage with the grenades I found. The faisor underbarrel shotgun is actually pretty good if you go up to forge to keep ammo in it. Accurate out to a good distance, and you can proc multiple grenades of that element.

I haven’t had a chance to, but a purple masher might also be good. Maggie is too close range with that spread. But don’t get me wrong, Maggie works especially with Short Fuse, but you don’t want to be in Maggie range all the time.

Yeah for sure, most of my testing is running through athenas just because of enemy variety and no anointed. Alchemist might be good against nogs too, they’re really hard to crit with mind sweeper, basically impossible except pull the holy pin really.

If you find anything that works really well let me know.


For nogs…run up and melee them after you strip their shield; they’ll be stunned for long enough time to stack stickies on their back for crits
I found the short fuze capstone (atleast for me) was causing me to miss more often due to the splash and enemy movement. Its great for large targets and find it synergizes with blastmaster more than mindsweeper where aiming for crits is imperative.
So with it i cut down dw tree to 3 points in in vampyr (don’t be afraid of torgue cross promotion, you want those micro nades hitting as much as possible to crit and make more); took all kill skills in SoR plus TD capstone (raising my base damage in regards to micro grenades); and the last 4 points sunk into clound of lead. Reloading on this isnt going to hurt nearly as much as blast master; but still have a point into redistribution from the mod itself. Only thing about this is you need 1 splash weapon to regen nades reliably
Favorite grenade mod is the cloning maddening tracker - but for those annointed tinks in particular; keep an eye out for longbow- divider- divider -singularity. They’re amazing for crowd control when you get used to it and those tinks will barely be able to attack.

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How the hell do you throw dividing longbows? Mine go everywhere so I stopped trying to use them.

The reason I use short fuse on mind sweeper is because you can have unlimited ammo with 2 points in redistribution anyway, SoR cap I haven’t figured out how to build around yet, and short fuse makes any gun proc MoD so if it fires fast you get grenades back… Very reliably for some reason.

Combine that with head shots for micro nades and splash damage boosts and you can kill pretty much anything + heal and ammo/grenade regen. Also Short Fuse description is very misleading. It implies 15 percent damage increase, but it more than doubles your output with the right build.

For bigs I usually just tracker dart them and hold the trigger down. I just didn’t have a good corrosive gun for my mind sweeper class. I do now but I’m messing around with blast master again.

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Within 20 feet the longbow will have 2 staggered in distance with 1 where you target it. Can single out enemies, with practice can bring them to you, or group them up closer so getting 1 micro nade damages all. beyond 20 ft they will all stack at the target location 1 after the other (basically turning into a tripple sigularity mod)

I understand that about short fuze, with blastmaster it can make it gain even further; my problem was the visual splash clouding my view, and that they dont add to the crit total that the micro grenades work off; quite often the shield gets broken so i figured swapping to td actually helps, can hop in IB to get the shield back anyway within the 30 secconds so long as you dont spend to much fuel

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I’ve heard epicenter works great with mind sweeper, especially if it’s the bouncing one. A deathless flesh melter would do good for alot of Mozes useing that ghast call too.

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My best build with Mind Sweeper was this I used a recharger with just about any high rate of fire gun.

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I guess TD is an alternative if the splash bothers you. I considered making a class to go with it but there’s so many skills I don’t like in that tree. I personally don’t like kill skills, and everything else makes my shield too large so it takes forever to go back up anyway (less of a problem when guardian ranks work). Brass is alright but M4 can be hard to keep stacks up long enough. Depends where you are I guess.

The band of sitorak works brilliantly with TD btw. I have one with +50 percent max health. Just haven’t gotten around to making a class with it yet.

Short Fuse I only have a problem with if I’m closer than I should be to enemies, and if torgue cross promotion is on. I think that’s one of the worst skills in the game. The splash size somehow more than doubles, I think they chain together, like one explosions causes the next projectile to explode early and so on. It’s inconsistent even with 5 points. I have a 5 point TCP mind sweeper and it goes to 30 percent chance. Still drives me crazy.

I prefer mind sweeper to take down single targets at a time and blast master to damage multiple. I use mind sweeper as a healing tool first, damage 2nd.

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