Moze -- Chad's best Friend, The Electric Banjo Playing Green Monster

This is a build that works on three items that are all easy to collect. And work together nicely.
The basic idea on this was unlimited ammo, with almost no overheat. Easy build up to max corrosive – but most important of all
A build that can be put together with minimal farming.
Something solid to take a player through mid-levels until 50th and then hold it’s own in Mayhem where other builds may shine better.

The idea is not really a “best build of all” but a very solid playable and fun build from 30-50.
You get the Chad and can farm the banjo at around 25th level … and you can go to the Casino at any time and it drops all over the place. Even the entrance where you can pick up the All-in Shield.

Since this is for that user trying to do something with 30+ skill points you might try to have an alternate character get to the Chad quest early and have your Moze hold off until about 40th so you can keep a reasonable Chad around.

Grab a copy of Brad Luck from the Casino when you can. Otherwise use best anointed COV weapons as you find them and/or fall in love with them. I would build up your SoR ( Shield of Redemption ) Tree first and then the Demolition Woman.
Look down lower through the notes somewhere around 40th and once you got decent Mods and Shields later in the game and see if you like’s ideas surrounding abandoning the Shield of redemption and going into Bottomless Mags instead.

Green Monster Mod : Drops all over the place in in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot
Extreme Hanging Chad : from Chad in Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6 at level 50 it does 340x2 damage which is solid with a 5.5 fire rate which is solid.
Electric Banjo : From the Psychobillies in Ambermire also on Eden-6
Keep an eye out for Brad Luck – always Ice which combos well with any other element. You get that after finishing the main quest line in the Compactor of the Casino heist DLC

Skills :

Shield Tree ( 1xSecurity Bear and 4xArmored Infantry ) (5x Drowning in Brass and Vladof Ingenuity) ( both of Full can of whoop ass and Experimental munitions ) ( 3x Desperate measures ) (4x Phalanx Doctrine and the Force Feedback ) (Tenacious Defense )

Bottomless Mags Tree (5 in matched set )

Demolition Woman Tree ( 5x Fire in the Skag Den and 3x Grizzled ) (3xMeans of Destruction ) ( 3x Pull the Holy Pin and the Autobear ) (2x vampyr )

You need to spend a point to reach Vampyr. And that is too good for you and the autobear. Full can of whoop ass and Experimental munitions are not mandatory – but you can experiment with dropping one Means of Destruction for each one at a time to see if you like it.
You have full access on the Railgun, all but the mini-nuke on the grenade launcher, and the minigun can at least be used with limited heat.


You want your Green Monster mod to boost “Click click” because your Hanging Chad will always be overheating. Get the best Click Click available.

Weapons :

If you invest in Matched set you really do not need more than 3 COV weapons. But if you do all 4 slots and you will never run out of ammo and you will never overheat. You will always be running at (nearly ) 100% bonus corrosive damage and 100% bonus fire. Add in an Electric banjo Artifact and you have at least 2 bullets hit per second that do Electric+Fire+Corrosive taking down shields, armor, and health all at once.

I am mot pumping the fire that much on my build but you could .

The other three weapon slots are kind of y our choice as long as at least 2 of them are COV you will honestly be stunned when your Chad overheats. I tend to select specific ones based on their anointment more than anything else.
Again as noted grab the Brad Luck too – it pairs nicely with the Hanging Chad.

If you are lucky enough to ultimately find ( or farm ) a Shock Infinity. You are set. With that you can actually choose pretty much any artifact you want instead of the Banjo.

Grenades :

Now as to why I chose to go with Demolition Woman mostly over Bottomless Mags. First, your Chad IS bottomless. Second Vampyr is that good. But there is a third point.
Your grenades are also affected by the Mod!!! Not the first one. But all subsequent ones.

So your choice in grenades are those grenades with the most procs. A Homing grenade that splits in flight twice bounce 3 times gives you 5 grenades with additional Corrosive!
( This also works for those anointments that add Shock/etc after Skill End – but those work best for FL4K and his Rakk Attack ).

Shield :

Shield is all the usual suspects though with a Front Loader I would probably want a really good Shock resistance and a good Anointment. StopGap is awesome. So is Improved Version 0.m ( Maliwan ). The Big Boom Blaster is interesting – I am not positive but it seems to add grenades while in Iron Bear ( I may be picking up boosters dropped before climbing in though ) – some of the 75% boost to shield and health are nice. I am not as sold on those in a Deathless Bloodletter build. Mathematically it screams fun shield numbers. In practicality it takes so long to get the shields up you run out of time for the 75% bonus. On the other hand on a Green Monster Build 75% boost on exiting Iron Bear are fine. That is the beauty of Auto Bear.

Relic :

Electric banjo !!! This is the capper to this build. Unlimited ammo with fire+Shock+Corrosive.
Until that time, you can look out for Flesh Melter relics as they can boost your corrosive output.

Variances on Build :

I have also experimented with an alternate build that drops the 5th and 6th tiers of Shield of Retribution tree as well as 2 of Drowning in Brass to fill up the Demolition Woman tree so you can get ALL those shots off the Hanging Chad with possible explosions.
Both work fine. Shields high to start with and refreshing on their own or healing on the boom boom your choice.

**Honorable mentions * made a post that had me test out quickly the addition of electric banjo to this build. Prior to that it was good. That took it to the next level


Does this exist?

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Not unless you cheat

Never seen it – I have never seen more than +3

The skill is only /3 so you can’t get more then +3. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a +3 CC GM though and I’ve seen a ton of them drop.

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Are there any other COV weapons worth using with moze that are just as effective (purples/blues)?

Of course you can – The Red Line is only /3 – Bloodletter can be +3 which takes that to 6. Yes you lose 120% of your health and are left with 1 point. Yes you get 120% of your health added as shields. is a +2 red line. It will take you to 100% loss of health all on it’s own.

As far as the +3 CC?

Crappy mods though for what this build would be – no charge and no reload for the Hanging Chad :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummmmm Considering Click Click is a /3 max skill that COM is modded lmao it’s showing /5. :confused:

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Yeah exactly what I said you can’t get more then +3 on a 3/3 which would make it 6/3 or +5 on a 5/5 which makes it 10/5 or +1 on a 1/1 which makes it 2/1 . You get it?

And Green Monster is bugged, they don’t drop with more then +1 Click Click atm.

Yep just caught that – see what goiogle does for you facepalm
I will get one from my PS4 later – in the meantime

Skill Bonuses

Variants of the Green Monster mod will distribute an additional 5 bonus skill points across the following skills (each skill can obtain a bonus between 0-4):

Now while Fandom is by no means perfect – it is still the go to. So theoretically you can get +4.

I also guarantee you can go PAST the limit. happens in all the mods.

WEll I can take that comment out of the build –
and just leave the build as what it is – Green Monster + hanging chad + Electric banjo

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I have a couple – mostly anointed.
Pain is Power never breaks it instead catches you on fire – and is fun. Especially if you sock away the right shield.
Zheitsev’s Eruption is also good. I never got one on my own. traded for it.
Problem is, this build is trying to NOT break the weapon and the Erruption is all ABOUT it breaking and then sending homing projectiles to debuff the enemy.

My pride and joy is the 5 Scorching RPMs com I got from Armada. That said:

What you can’t get is a com that exceeds it’s own maximums. If a skill only naturally goes to three, a com can only add three points. One point skills can only get one bonus point. You can only double a skill at most.

Also. If you’ve got the aim. Maybe shoot for that 5 RPMs com. If Chad never uses ammo, then the fire rate is probably gonna up your boosts.

Yea I got that – so a com can only be +3 with if it’s max is +3 and you will never get Amara with more than +1 in find your center because it is 1/1 ( would become 2/1 ) … got it.
removed the comment on the base article.

And I can definitely see your point about going with Scorching RPMs … interesting question would be … if you DID get +5 ( or even +4 ) would it be worth giving up Vampyr? ( you would also lose Autobear, pull the holy pin, grizzled and three or so Cross promotions. But only vampyr and maybe autobear hurt )

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One major disadvantage with Banjo and Green Monster is you have less survivability compare to other relics. I’ve tried a GM and Banjo build multiple times and everytime I end up dead in Mayhem 4 faster than I can compare to Last Stand Otto Idol. Plus you lose some of the relics bonuses.

Being able to survive and last longer allows me to deal out more damage.

Stop Gap – 5 seconds of immunity – 10 seconds to recharge the shield and … 10% speed to run and hide until your shield recharges or Iron Bear cools down ( which recharges the shield ). Basically covers the Last Stand ( though not the Otto Idol part ).
Hiding to recharge your shield is not cowardice. It’s tactics.
The tooltips say so :smiley:

I have not farmed El Dragon Jr yet and the one I got is 200% melee after a phaseslam … wrong build.

Improved Version 0.m – is actually good in Co-op play. When the Shield goes down a damage amplifier circle drops and helps everyone. You count on your teammates to heal you. Though you also do a crap load of damage yourself.

I run both Stop Gap and Last Stand (Otto Idol / Victory Rush variants) when running Proving Grounds and Shaft M4.

Oh when it’s only campaign mode M4 I don’t find it necessary to run Stop Gap or Last Stand. I go with BB Blaster and any relic.

I do love the BB Blaster – if you read the original article. Is it my imagination or does the BB Blaster proc while in Iron Bear?
I am never sure if I am just picking up boosters dropped before I entered

I didn’t notice BBB proccing while in IB but they get picked up though while in IB.

so, some thoughts on your build;

force feedback is unneeded, as there’s a guardian perk that does the same thing and doesn’t require the kill to be a critical kill. if the points are necessary in SoR, put it in phalanx doctrine. can of whoopass is also pretty underwhelming. i’d put the point in armored infantry for the damage/shield value.

Desperate measures is a tough one. without major boosted shield values and health displacement for shields, DM is pretty mediocre, especially with vampyr keeping your health constantly full. there’s a few skills in the BM tree that will significantly boost your output with the Chadd without having any stipulations such as current kill stack and health value, but only click click will boost the COM and banjo damage. it might just be better to invest all the way to a 6/3 click, click, and only put 8 points or so in SoR. i really don’t know for sure, but i feel like even though the investment in SoR is better damage theoretically, if it actually ends up being better damage in the long run without any points into thin red line or a deathless artifact.

for reference, if you wanted to try BM over SoR, i’d go 5x cloud, 5x matched, 3x stoke, 5x SRPMs, 1x scrappy, 1x rushin’ offensive, 3x click, click, and then 5x armored infantry and 3x DiB. yes you’ll lose PD and EM entirely as well as 2 points in DiB, but the 3 extra points in CC will be better than the 2 points in DiB, the 5 points in SRPM is an effective dps increase, and the crit bonus is better than EM is, and stoke the embers and cloud of lead will significantly increase the chadd’s output. again, i’m certain that your SoR setup is conceptually better damage, but it relies on a lot of circumstantial things as opposed to having consistent output.

the skill distribution in demolition woman is way off though. cross promotion doesn’t really improve capability, and just increases the chance that your own grenades kill you. 5x fitsd, 3x grizzled, 3x MoD, 3x PtHP, 1x auto bear and 2x vamp will do a lot more for you. auto-bear opens up your anointment pool and increases your long term output, even though the new 125% incendiary on ASE for next 2 mags is likely the only thing you really want, as well as giving you a nice shield to hide behind so long as you wait enough for security bear. MoD will mean your grenades can at least replenish themselves, maintaining their utility and healing. i’d say your best grenades are the traditional CMT and ghast call for healing and damage. supposedly cryo recurring hex’s have an interesting interaction with GM, but i wasn’t able to replicate it, and the hex just doesn’t heal or proc MoD very well to replenish your grenades.

as for shields, whenever a build isn’t using blood letter or the low-level stop gap, its really hard to suggest anything other than the BBB. the boosters are pretty reliable, they keep grenades coming for healing health, and it stays topped up better than any shield. it doesn’t matter if your shield recharges really fast, or grants immunity; once you can take damage again, it doesn’t mean much. the BBB pretty consistently has a shield value and is hard to ignore, even if it has a smaller capacity.

last thought’s, iirc, green monster didn’t interact well with the banjo relic, and if that’s the case, are you sure a last-stand victory rush wouldn’t supply better damage output and survivability? also, when the DLC launched, green monster was bugged and would only drop with a +1 to click, click. did that change? i haven’t seen anything in the hotfix notes.