Moze class Mod idea

“Every time moze or IB damages an enemy, there is a chance to gain full stacks of Phalax Doctrine or Drowning in Brass. In addition, she also gains chance to recharge sheilds by x% of damage dealt”

Too OP ? Kind if like Zanes Seeing Dead com but helps with moze DPS and survivability besides spamming grenades and 5/5 in Vampyre

Thought ?

Given that PD doesn’t have a stack limit, yes. OP.

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Crap forgot to bout that…

Actually there is a cap of 99. This is as high as any buff stack can read. Granted outside of a buff like 5% chance on gun damage to proc phalanx. The chance of getting 99 kills in 30 sec is ziltch to none.

Now with that said such a mod if it also had phalanx droctrine as one of its skill would open moze up to having a reliable method of obtaining 1980% bonus to gun damage. And 2970% additional shield.

Well the mod could give you 5 stacks rather than max stacks…