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This post is for collecting together links to the various Moze guides created by forum members. If you have something you’d like to see added, please reply in the thread below and I’ll take a look.

Have a question? Maybe start with the Moze FAQ’s thread.

Build Planners

Build and Gear Resources:

Issues and Bugs

Skill Guides and Breakdowns

Math Breakdowns:



  • Thank you to the community that is actually compiling these guides.
  • A massive thanks to @VaultHunter101, as he did the original formatting for this thread.

Community Guides


Yeah, some content. :laughing:

Seriously though, this is the thread I’ve been looking for. Get to it, people!

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Patience, I’m just about to get started compiling a list of Moze class mods :laughing:

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@VaultHunter101 can we pin this, please. Thanks

There is already a top gear thread for moze. Skill guide is missing though.

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Skill guide and a detailed Iron Bear break-down would be good, but it might be worth holding off until we see what the next major update brings? I know addressing IB end-game issues is on the table. That said, I think I saw a few interesting link candidates last time I mozeyed through the thread list!


Skill guides, an iron bear bug list and various maths breakdowns are all definitely in line to be added, but will all need to wait till Gearbox has rolled out their long term solutions to the pets.

I imagine a Mayhem or (hopefully)UVHM survival guide will also be in order at some point.

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Oh you


Don’t encourage him!

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Why were the weapons and skill guides deleted?

The original guides have been removed by the author.


I’ve quietly added a few threads recently. I’d be interested if anyone has suggestions for more descriptive divisions between the different links.