Moze cooldown bug?

I was testing a Flare build with the following:

Flare with +2 SSB, +1 MoD, +2 CoL
Topped Off enabled, no respec exploit used
5/5 Grizzled
3/3 Deadlines
Plasma Coil + Flippers
Old God
No CDR on any gear

Playing through the Maliwan takedown, I got enough kills during the bridge to reset Iron Cub (the icon lit back up) while Iron Cub was still active. Once my current IC ran out of fuel, I was fully expecting to be able to call it again to maintain the 100% damage bonus from the Flare, but instead I had to wait for the full cooldown again.

Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong with trying to loop IC for the Flare?


Cooldown starts when your AS duration is over.

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I see. So it’s probably more of a visual bug for the HUD to show the skills cooling down and resetting?

Could be wrong but I recall some discussion that Grizzled skill can cause that to happen

Almost same gears and build, also I’m having same problem. Only find that with autobear, cooldown seems reduced.

See below

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Yeah, Head Count was guilty of this with Fade Away and Gamma Burst as well. I believe they patched it out awhile back though.

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